Monday, November 03, 2014

Introducing: The Erase Scent Studio

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 I haven't been using much perfumes nor colognes lately simply because I do not feel the need for it. However, there would be times (especially when I am out on a date with the boyfriend) that I feel like I want sport a certain scent and have my own signature scent that when he smells it, he will remember me... Or have you ever seen how in movies, the scent of woman still lingers on a man's pillow and he would, constantly, remember and think of her because of how she leaves her scent and how awesome she smells? I kind of want to have that kind of effect on him sometimes. Teehee!

Jaoming Marketing Corporation, makers of ERASE Solution, has recently launched their ERASE SCENT STUDIO Eau de Toilette.

Erase Scent Studio Eau de Toilette is a proud local brand with purely French ingredients that promises long-lasting fragrances at a very affordable price of P150 per 50mL bottle and P50 per 10mL bottle. And for that kind of price, the scent promises to last on your skin for up to eight hours!

So, now, you probably must have been asking... "But where do I purchase one?"

ESS EDT (The acronym for ERASE SCENT STUDIO Eau de Toilette) is now available at all leading department stores nationwide. Hint: Try your nearest Watsons store. Watsons currently holds six out of its fifteen variants (Summer, Verdant, Aqua, Cherry, Peony, and Sky) while the other variants can be found in your leading department stores and super markets (Rustic, Black, Weekend, Swain, Marine, Enchant, Dream, Hot, and Midnight).

ESS has also launched their Erase Scent Studio Eau de Cologne which caters more to the younger set. TH four delicious ESS EDC variants are: Melon Shortcake, Apricot Cobbler, Apple Struddle, and Grapefruit Brulee. Sounds delish, right?

And of course, they will also be coming out with variants for kids! Oh I hope this comes out before Christmas so I can have my god kids try it out. The names of their kids variants will be hailing from stories we grew up with like Hansel & Gretel, and Jack & Jill. Excited?

I'm really looking forward to trying out their scents soon. Once I get my hands on them, I'd totally blog and share it with you guys! I wonder what kind of scent the boyfriend would like to smell off of me. Hmm...


  1. Oh that's new! I haven't seen those yet. I have the same sentiments, Gellie! I spritz on my perfume (usually a flirty and sensual one) when I go out with the boyfriend. This particular scent is so unique I bet he won't be able to smell it from someone else :) It also makes me more affectionate <3


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    1. Guess I need to find a signature scent na rin! :)

  2. The packaging is cute! hehe :) I like the Melon Shortcake! Seems like a sweet scent though :)

  3. This is my first time to hear about the brand. I'm leaning towards Melon Shortcake, too. Parang ang yummy ng amoy nya. :D

  4. Not aware about this brand but I am also intrigued by the Melon Shortcake scent. It seems refreshing and yummy at the same time!


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