Wednesday, November 05, 2014

#Holidate2014: Mingle, Date or Just Meet New Friends

As some of you may have known, I attended a speed datingevent a few months ago. I enjoyed it and I did make new friends afterwards. So, when I heard about a new kind of event filled with activities for single professionals, I know this would be tons of fun; hence I already told the news about it to my single friends and some of them are quite interested to join.

I was like, "I wish I could join but I can't. But I will be there! I wouldn't want to miss it." Yes, if I am still single, I would love to try this one out. You see, although there is that intention and wish that you can meet someone there whom you might have a romantic relationship with, making friends and just having a fun-filled afternoon is also a good way to spend your Saturday, right?

But again, let's go back to 'meeting THAT someone.' Let me take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about my love life. *Kilig*

Attending Ed's company Halloween Party and meeting his friends for the first time
Ed and I did not expect that we would, eventually, be in a relationship. I guess it's one of those unexpectedly good things that just happens in your life. We do like each other's company and would hangout for some coffee and good conversation about our advocacy, some political issues, geeky stuff and a lot more. I also ask for his advice and summon (summon talaga? LOL) him whenever I'd have tech-related problems and he would be more than willing to be there for me as long as he is in Manila. Eventually, one night while we were hanging out, he just suddenly asked me, "can I kiss you?" I gave him a soft yes and then it was sealed! Officially, we called ourselves girlfriend and boyfriend only after a week or two but we don't really took note of the date. We decided we're not celebrating month anniversaries and the likes and just make every day a special day for the two of us.

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You see, when we take risks and just go with the flow, good things may happen. I'm not saying good things WILL ALWAYS happen because nothing is really definite in this world, but joining the Single Professional's Get-Together Event may just be one of the risks worth trying. What could possibly go wrong? In fact, this event has previously managed to become the bridge in romantically connecting two people together. Got this photo from their Facebook page. Meet Richard and Sixteen!

You may meet the right one in places you least expected. Who knows? My advice, though, is just have fun. The Single Professional's Get-Together Event is a good way to meet someone, network, or just make new friends. Save the date on December 6, 2014 (1:00PM) at the Balcony Gastropub, Makati.

This event is exclusive for single working professionals and entrepreneurs. There is a registration fee of P1,200 which is already inclusive of food, drinks, and event souvenirs. To register or for more information, you may contact them at (0927) 9751235 or (0915) 9461280. I also encourage you to LIKE and visit their Facebook page at: and follow them on Instagram: @SinglesEventsManila.

I will be there to accompany some friends and watch you all have fun. How about we go out and party afterwards? ;)


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