Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Fun-Filled Saturday Night at #Holidate2014

The group photo :)
And even though I was not participating, I was quite excited for the Single Professionals' Get-Together event. I remember having attended a speed dating event before and, as a participant, I really did enjoy it a lot... Especially the night out in Eastwood after the event. It was only then that I was able to really get to know the other participants, both male and female, because of our extended interactions. So, knowing beforehand that the Single Professionals' Get-Together event, or Holidate 2014 for short, will be having more interactions than just five minutes of talking, I know me and my friends would really have a blast... Only, this time, I'm not participating. I am observing from a third-person perspective.

We (yes, I came there with some friends) arrived at the venue at around 1:00 PM. I decided to not mingle with the participants yet and see how they interact with each other before the event starts. There was a great divide. The women stayed on the right side and started talking to each other while the men  are on the left side, either browsing through stuff on their phone or attempting to make small talk with the other men.

As I lit up a stick of cigarette, one of the men approached me and was relieved to know that there is someone in the event who smokes. And then we were joined by two other participants whom I really did enjoy talking to as we go on discussing why they joined the event, how did they find out about the event and about Ashley Madison (LOL).

Time to Hold Hands and Play Games!

This pair gets to experience the wrath of the punishment bowl
HHWP (Holding Hands While Playing)
Time for their poetry-reading activity 
When Vanessa (one of the organizers and the host) asked the participants to come inside, since the event will be starting then, the men were all chivalrous and gentleman to carry seats for the women. Plus pogi points to all the men who carried a chair! Only to find out that they won't be needing it and will be standing and playing games the whole time. And here's another catch - during every activity, they need to hold hands with their partners. If caught not holding hands, they will be reprimanded and asked to draw a punishment from the legendary punishment bowl. Also, the losing pair from every activity will be punished and it was, actually, the best part of every activity! Everyone participated and got really comfortable... The activities were a success! It did break the physical barriers between the participants. And by the end of the event, everyone was talking to each other, comfortable with holding hands, hugging and besos are flying everywhere!

A piggy-back ride. No problemo!
Free hugs, anyone?
As you can see, they are having fun 
And here's the last part - dancing with the person you find interesting and revealing your identity!
If you will ask me what kind of activities they have prepared for the participants, I'd rather not say it. The excitement is in the "not knowing" what lies ahead and let's keep it that way. Can you just trust me when I say that from a third person perspective, everyone was really having fun and you won't have any regrets if you join next time? You see, they plan on having their next event by February 14, 2015; so LIKE them on Facebook to get updates, k?

After-Event Bonding Session

Even though I wasn't a participant, I still stayed for a bit and had a few bottle of beers and some good fun and conversation with the organizers and some participants. I have finally gotten to know their real names plus... We played truth or dare! Finally, I was a participant! It was so much fun and since everyone was already comfortable with each other, the truth or dare was just easy peasy for them.

Would I attend and cover their next event? I sure as hell would still do! You see, it's not just about finding someone to go out with romantically but also about networking, meeting new friends and just having a fun-filled Saturday night especially since I have been overly stressed with work for the past few weeks. I still keep in touch with some of the participants and I think they're planning on a get-together/reunion of some sort. If I would be invited, I wouldn't mind joining them. They're such a fun bunch.  

LIKE them on Facebook for updates regarding their next event. See 'ya next time!


  1. Oooh, I've never been to a speed dating event before! (Or anything related to that). Sounds like a fun event nonetheless; and it's nice to know the 'inside scoop' of what happens. Haha!

    And I guess you didn't join because you have a boyfriend, right? I think you mentioned that haha and well it will be awkward if they tried to make you join the matching etc. Anyhow, great cover on this!

  2. Free Hugs reminded me of the time I was in Korea. It was winter and was so cold, students from a university lined up in the streets and held placards with Free Hugs written on it.


    1. Aww. I wish there's something like that here in PH :D


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