Monday, December 15, 2014

OOTD: A Weekend With Awesome People

Shirt: From Palawan (Baker's Hill) | Skirt: Plussionista | Shoes: Primadonna | Minnie Mouse Headband: Bazaar-bought
It was one of those Saturdays that I feel like I just want to stay at home because of the "bed-weather." But then again, I have friend-duties for the weekend and I'm not the type who breaks a promise to a friend. So at around 1:30 in the afternoon, I left home, not minding the rain that was pouring so hard, and went to Tomas Morato.

Erwin | Janet | Gelleesh | Merry
The owner of Anacondahz Furniture Shop
The Tomas Morato Schedule was actually for work, but some officemates/friends also went so it was kind of like a shopping/bonding session for us. One of KMBI's Program Members from Bicol owns Anacondahz Furniture Shop and our organization sponsored her bazaar booth. We ended up buying a bamboo lamp each because they were so inexpensive and pretty. Philippine-made, guys!

The Trio (Gelleesh | Jeremy | Dave)
Hernan | Gelleesh | Dave | Will | Gaile | Enmar | Janet | Ros at Intramuros Rising 2
Flying Ipis, everyone!
After the Tomas Morato Bazaar, we attended the Intramuros Rising 2: A December to Remember and the boyfriend joined us for that one. It was nice seeing two of my best guy buddies again: Dave from the other KMBI (because of the corporate dispute) and Jeremy (the head honcho of Intramuros Rising). These are my brothers from another mother and we were the inseparable trio before.

Pizza, dory and some good conversation
The Intramuros Rising concert ended at around 2:00AM and I decided to go stay at the boyfriend's office so we can have our own moment. Teehee! We spent our Sunday eating cold left-over pizza, drinking soda and talking about our future travel plans. Don't you just love making plans with your significant other? For dinner, he had me try out Eat! and I had their Baked Cheesy Cream Dory with Pesto Sauce. It was heavenly!

My weekend was, in a way, exhausting; but fun. I'm looking forward to more awesome bonding sessions with my friends and some travel and food adventures with my boyfriend. Things are so going my way now.


  1. Yay for a fun weekend! Love the skirt and the see-through details!

    1. Love it too! Would love to buy another one in a different color naman lol

  2. aww you're such a nice friend :) I bet you made them happy! and your outfit is the cutest!! the skirt definitely caught my attention!

  3. Cute Minnie Mouse Headband. It reminded me of my daughter's Minnie Mouse's Ears hair clip bought from Disney Sea ; )


  4. Nice skirt Gel! Now I really believe that purple and black go together well. Merry Christmas!


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