Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My 2014: One Helluva Rollercoaster Ride

No one will ever know what tomorrow will bring. All we can do in life is to live it as it is and make the most out of every moment. When 2014 started, that is what I exactly did and now that the year is about to end, I can honestly say that I do not have a single regret in all the decisions I made. True that this year has not been an easy one, but I cannot go about leaving 2014 without saying that it has also been one of the most blessed years in my life.

Blogging, Writing, Influencing, and Inspiring

I know I have not been blogging as often as I used to when I, initially, started; but I love where my blog is going. I have been sharing more personal things and even though I have been attending less blogging events, it does not mean I'm running out of things to write about. I still share my outfit posts, I still share my makeup looks, product reviews, but aside from that, I am glad to be sharing a part of myself to everyone. I love receiving messages at how I have, in a way, influenced them, inspired them and that is what drives me to continue writing and blogging.

The Quarter-Life Crisis Hullaballoo is Real

It was only fairly recent that I felt like I was not moving. Well, I have become stronger, I became better, I survived in all the crazy stunts this year has required me to do, but I don't feel like I am genuinely moving. There was this stagnating feeling inside of me and I feel like I needed to change. After getting so frustrated, I finally ranted and let it all out with the boyfriend and he said that he will be supporting my decision no matter what happens. If I feel like I am not moving and the space I'm in is no longer enough for how much I grew over the year, maybe I should take a step, make a decision and embrace the change soon.

And so I did. What happened afterwards surprised me though.

The Sign that I Am Right Where I Need to Be

March 2014 at work

November 2014 at work (Hair's longer!)
And just when I am about to take the leap of faith, I was informed of a good news with regard to my career. It was such a big and surprising move that all my doubts and fears disappeared. My hard work paid off and, I guess, the patience was worth it. I was misunderstood before (talking about the first two years at work) and even though I love my job, I know that I can do more only I was not given a chance. And so because of the adversities that happened in connection to our organization's on-going corporate dispute, I was given a shot to restart and show them what I have got; and I was able to prove that I can really do it. I was recommended for a promotion which will be effective early next year. Full announcement about that may be here or in my personal blog but no disclosing of full details yet. That's all I can say. *Wink*

Being that Independent Girl

Just a regular day at work. Taking a selfie on my laptop camera
I have always wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw from Sexy and the City ever since I got hooked to the TV series. I want to have an active dating life (if not committed), my own place, and a job that will keep me busy, help me grow, and I will love. And, honestly, I have it all right now. My life is not perfect and I still have daily struggles about certain things but fact remains, I am where I want to be. I may not be that ultra-mega successful career woman yet but I live on my own, I pay my rent and my bills, I have a good job, I work for a cause, and I have an awesome and equally driven boyfriend. Awesome? Awesome!

That Special Someone That Made My Life Better

Still friends here. Coffee out while he was fixing my laptop.
Working date at his office on a weekend. Because we bond even in the weirdest possible way. 
I have been single for three years and I must say, I did enjoy my dating life. But that "enjoyment" does not necessarily mean I will never want to get out of it. For me, falling in love is not a choice but who you get in a relationship with is. I have fallen in and out of love during that 3 years of being single. I've had good dates, failed dates and almost boyfriends. There had been times when I wanted to give up on the thought of romantic love but there are too many people in this world... There ought to be at least one whom I can really get along with well and who would be able to appreciate me and accept me for who I was, who I am and who I will be. And so he came into my life. I keep saying how we were an unexpected thing and, I guess, some of the unexpected things are actually the best things that will ever happen to us. We don't get to see each other frequently because he works and stays in Quezon City (and also travels A LOT for work) while I work and stay in Pampanga; but you know what's amazing? It's that we stay true and loyal to each other, we know how we feel about each other, and we are aware that we are partners and that we should be supporting each other's dreams and goals. Isn't that how relationships are really supposed to be like?

My 2014 was not perfect. I have been through a lot and I needed to make big decisions that created big changes in my life; but these changes has led me to becoming better, to learning new things about myself and to appreciating life more. I could not have asked for a better year.

Cheers to an awesome 2014 and for an even better 2015 to come!


  1. Wow, 2014 sure is memorable and colorful for you! Happy Holidays, Gelleesh! :)

    1. It has really been, indeed! Happy Holidays to you too Jhanz! :)

  2. Happy 2015 woman! More blessings to you xoxo


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