Monday, February 09, 2015

That After-Christmas Need to Shop

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Most of us splurged during the Christmas season (for me it was AFTER Christmas, actually) but what happens next? It's already February and some of us crave for a new pair of shoes or maybe a red dress to wear for your date with "him" on Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason is, I am pretty sure some of you have that problem of over spending during the Holiday season and ending up with an empty wallet and a pocket full of just ten cents.

So now that you have (FINALLY) learned your lesson and know that you shouldn't overspend and splurge too much on the Holiday season, what to do in order to answer your current after-Christmas shopping needs? Well, let me give you some tips!

1. Take a second look at your budget and expenses. Most people's new year's resolution would include, "more savings" so maybe it's about time you take it seriously. Take time to sit down and re-do how you budget and spend your money. Make sure you have a fixed amount on how much you'd want to put in your savings account and a fixed amount on whatever you would want to enjoy for yourself. Whether it will be just five hundred bucks per payday, you can definitely find something to buy or do in order to fully maximize what you currently have. In case you want some advice on how to budget your finances, I did write a post about budgeting before.

2.You can go online. Shopping online will help you save time and money. Most of the time, it's more affordable to do your shopping online plus it also saves you so much time. There are Instagram shops I follow like Plussionista that offers inexpensive, quality and beautiful plussize clothes or one of my trusted online shopping haven, Zalora. Especially today that while I was browsing through their website (because I often do check them out to plan my next purchase) they have this Chinese New Year Sale which can also work for your Valentine's Day date with that special someone (click here to check out the sale).

3. And since you have splurged so much during the holiday season, maybe it's about to let go of your old stuff and sell them! Yep, no need to be all emotional about it. Just let them go and make way for new clothes that will come your way because of the money you will be earning from selling your old, yet still in good condition, clothes and/or shoes.             

The key element to handling money is "discipline." Practice the art of disciplining yourself with regard to how you spend and save. There should be a balance on saving and spending because as much as overspending isn't good, depriving yourself isn't healthy either. It's like going on a crash diet. Do it one step at a time and form the habit slowly. Sounds good?


  1. hi ms. gellie.. im the one who asked from your excel file on budgeting but didnt get any reply.. could you please please send me another one.. im still struggling on budgeting and saving i wish you could help me.. here's my email add- appreciate it much if you could grant my request.. thanks thanks ms gellie.. godbless you..

    1. Hello Dahlia, sent you the excel via email. If you have questions you can just email me back. Have a great day!

  2. hi ms. gellie got your email na.. im starting this march.. hopefully ma-maintain ko.. im so happy unti unti maayos ung budget ko.. im very thankful sau kc mas naintindihan ko xa ngaun.. maraming salamat ms. gellie.. more power to your blog.. continue inspiring people.. godbless you.. ^_^

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