Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OOTD: Just Smile and Shrug It Off

I guess I was almost always starting my posts with: I have been busy lately or I'm so stressed these past few days. I mean, I should know because I almost started this with those lines up in my mind. You can't fully blame me though. I really have been focused on work lately plus with the new business I have just opened up, even my weekends are spelled as W-O-R-K.

With promotion comes tons of responsibilities. It's not a walk in the park and then boom, you get paid. Just because people do not see me running around and stuff doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. I guess I understand now why some people would often make that remark of how "bosses" earn more but don't get to do much. I may not be that kind of boss yet but we'll get there (hopefully). You see, we have more responsibilities on our shoulders, we create recommendations, plans, proposals, and those require so much of our brain that we need to sit all day, walk a bit from time to time and think about how we can defend and have our papers approved. These are all for the development of the company/organization or for the staff. That is something I hope people would understand.

Hey, I'm wearing glasses now!

SHIRT: Sharing | SKIRT: Surplus | SHOES: Nicky
So aside from my full time job, I am also starting up a business - GELLEESHOP. The aim is to be an online shop that houses local products and introduce them not only to the Filipino people but also to a wider market outside of the country. I know it sounds cheesy and whatnot but everything has to start with a dream and that is mine. I hope you can check out our website at - gelleeshop.weebly.com.

Anyway, this outfit was taken one Saturday during a visit to our relatives in Bulacan. I bought this as part of my donation for Sharing Kingdom Ministry-Building Initiatives Inc., (A non-profit organization helping families and communities battle poverty through various programs and initiatives). And I got the whole family this "God is Above all and in All" shirt as well because I want them to also partake in my chosen advocacy with Sharing.

I hope you're all having an awesome week and less stressful than mine!


  1. I feel you! Haha i've been on hiatus naman ako haha anyway, congrats sa new business month! Agree ako sa it's always starts with a dream Kaso sometimes nakakatamad haha hey I like your skirt! :)


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