Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I Will Wear Makeup and It's None of Your Business

I cringe at all those articles that keep telling women that they should wear less makeup (or none at all) because men like it that way. It is not, in any way, a confidence booster to those who do not wear makeup or those who feel like they need to wear makeup just to be liked by men and look pretty. In my own opinion it gives off that message, that in order to be liked by men (which is pushed to be imperative), I need to adapt by what they think is beautiful and what is not. NEWSFLASH, that is not me and will never be me.

There are times I love wearing makeup just because; and times I kind of feel lazy putting it on. Wearing makeup is my personal choice. There would be instances when I'd just want to wear a foundation, powder, and lipstick; times when I want to feel fab and do a full makeup look; or sometimes just wear nothing at all because I'm feeling lazy or not in the mood. Regardless, this is my face. Now, don't go all smarty-pants on me saying, "what if you're attending a wedding or a formal occasion and you don't feel like it?" I know when and where should I wear makeup. There are times when I need to because it's what the occasion calls for and times when I have the choice not to wear or to wear it.

I wouldn't be with a man who only chose to be with me because of how I look in a certain way. I know... PREFERENCES. Well, let me tell you one thing... PREFERENCES as well. I prefer dating a man who would appreciate me beyond my aesthetic features; same as I wouldn't date a man who only preferred me because I was plussize (I mean I'm not saying I would be thin in the future but what if I lose weight, he wouldn't want me then anymore?). I want a man who wants me, likes me, and loves me, beyond that. Well, I guess I already found that kind of man. Yes, he exists. So to all my girls out there, don't settle just for the sake of settling... Find someone who will love you for who you are regardless if you wear makeup or not.

Wearing makeup isn't the sole indication of being an insecure person. Fallacy of generalization. Well let's just say there are those who feels like they needed to wear makeup just to look pretty but regardless, they shouldn't be judged as totally less than worthy people. You see, there are various reasons why women wear makeup. Sometimes work require them too, or often times, they just want to. Again, there are times when I wear makeup and times when I don't and it just depends on my mood. I never had the need to feel beautiful because of makeup because I know I am beautiful with or without it.

Instead of telling women to wear less makeup or don't wear it at all why not learn how to appreciate a woman beyond her aesthetic feature; for only then will you be able to realize that a woman (or any person) is beautiful regardless of what your TV tells you. She may have a beautiful pair of eyes, a beautiful pair of lips, a beautiful brain, a beautiful smile, a beautiful heart... Regardless, there is beauty in each of us and there's no denying it.


  1. I feel lucky that my husband doesn't support makeup shaming. Haha.

    I had something tragic happen to me, and I was able to jumpstart my days by wearing makeup. When I'm sad, stressed, or tired, my face looks the same way, and I'm able to feel me again when I brighten it up a little bit.

  2. Wearing makeup makes me feel beautiful. I think there's nothing wrong with enhancing one's appearance. Call me mababaw, pero ang saya kaya maglipstick. haha.


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