Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Pink Hair, Don't Care

It’s something I have been wanting to do for like three or four years now. If only my work allows it, I would have had multi-colored hair years ago and you probably would already be tired of it. Well, I’m still with the NGO I have been working with for almost five years now but how, right? Well let me tell you the story then:

I have been browsing Rainbow Head PH’s website for like almost three months and contemplating on whether I should proceed with a funkier color or not. The option will be having it for Christmas break and having it colored back to normal boring before work starts… Okay, so that gives me two weeks, right? And so it was settled. A week before Christmas vacation, I placed my order and paid for the La Riche Hair Color in Pastel Pink from Rainbow Head PH and the day after my last day from work (even though it was raining a bit bad), I went to the nearest salon to have my hair bleached and the color applied.

The salon I went to was the Gliteratti Salon in Santulan, Malabon City. My hair was bleached two times and it took almost 3 hours, I think. I’ve had my hair bleached before but this would be my first time to have it bleached this long.

Bleaching! Ack!
Going Pink! Yey!

Getting your hair bleached isn’t a walk in a park. It felt like acid was poured on my head. My legs were twitching and my fists were clenching because I want the bleach off of my hair!

So when they finally took it off, they proceeded with coloring my hair. One jar of the La Riche Hair Color wasn’t enough for my hair and they think it isn’t giving off the right color so they mixed it with their own hair coloring in the salon which is a purple shade. I was at first doubtful but the finished product was really good. I just opted to wash it a few time so that it will fade into the lighter pink shade that I want.

Taking Care of My Bleached Hair

During the first few days, my scalp became really dry, flaky, and itchy. As much as I would want to proceed with using my sulfate-free shampoo, I needed something else that can help me with the dry scalp. So I used Head ‘N Shoulders for about three days and would then be followed by a generous amount of the St. Ives Revitalizing Conditioner to keep it smooth, soft, and bouncy. After three days of using anti-dandruff shampoo, I switched to my Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil Sulfate-Free Shampoo. My boyfriend told me that a sulfate-free shampoo would be better for bleached hair since it keeps it from being dry and washing out the color (and so far so good!). And then after the shampoo, I would proceed to conditioning it using again the St. Ives Revitalizing Conditioner.

Why My Pink Hair is Such a Big Deal

New Year's Eve! :D
Back in Pampanga <3
Well first of all, work doesn’t allow a “flashy” hair color. It’s tough because I love my job, I love our organization but this rule is stopping me from being who I really am. Initially I was planning on just having this pink for two weeks and having my hair colored back to like something that’s dark brown but my family has come to love my new hair and I REALLY LOVE THIS COLOR. My solution: a wig! I bought a dark brown bra-length wavy hair which I now wear at work. I will show you a photo in a separate blog post but if you’ve been following me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/gelleesh), it’s actually already posted there.

Pink isn’t anyone’s normal hair color. I go out and I get a lot of stares. Some people giggle, some appreciate, kids usually admire it and say hi to me, some men smile and wink, while there are some girls or gay people who approach me and ask about how I got to this color. As long as they don’t go beyond that I guess I’m fine with that.

What You Should Understand

At Pink Sisters in Tagaytay
Playing Cards Against Humanity with sisters and cousins. They love my pink hair!
Just because I chose to have my hair colored this way doesn’t make me any lesser of a person. I can still do my job well and on time, my set of skills are still the same (and improving as time goes by)… In short, I’m still the same old me and nothing has changed. I keep growing and getting better; and I don’t my pink hair would ever transform me into a horrible and undependable person.

Being different is okay. Some people will appreciate and some people won’t. Preferences… You’ve got to understand that. I can never be everybody’s cup of tea and I don’t see why I should ever try to be. I will just be myself and I know things will work out just fine. Yep, I still need to adjust with how things are at work and get used to the stares and comments I get from other people; but aside from that, I’m good! ;)


  1. Waahhhh new hair for the new year ang peg! :) So cute! :)
    I've dyed my hair too, for the first time, so I only have brown color. I'm still not brave enough for a bleach! Haha if ever I get the guts, I'll have mine blue naman, since it's my fave color. Haha

    1. Can't wait to to see your blue hair once you've got the courage na! :)

  2. You go, grrrrl! The wig was a brilliant idea too!

  3. Love your pink hair! Now I am more inspired to try bolder hair colors. :)

  4. I love your pink hair, the way you rock it with confidence reminds me of sophie sumner (my favorite ANTM model) and her cotton candy pink hair! Thanks for the tips on hair care after bleaching, this'll be useful since I'm hoping to saved up enough to have my hair bleached and colored to an ombre "hades" blue hihi

  5. I love your pink hair! I recently dyed mine with pink also. Bought my dyes from Rainbow head, too, kaso bitin because I only bought 2 tubes, which isn't enough for my waist-length hair. I can relate with many of the things you mentioned: the pains of bleaching, the dry scalp, and the unwanted stares (although I've gotten used to this after being blonde for the last two years). I heard coconut oil helps a lot with dry scalp -- this might be something we can look into :)

    1. coconut oil! will keep that in mind. my nexy bleaching session might be on june pa. thinking of going blue or purple. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Rowena! It did take a lot of thinking before coming up with this decision. :P

  7. so gutsy! I did purple but only on my ends! I can't on my whole hair haha scared! Love this!

    1. Yah! I saw that look mo in your blog. It looks great on you actually! :)

  8. I love the new hair color on you. It gives you a whole new aura, bright and beautiful!


  9. I hate how my company doesn't allow these kinds of color, too! :( I should've tried it when I was in college but it's only recently that I got the courage for a "weird" color - especially purple and pink. Love how it looks for you, though! :)

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Thanks Richel! I colored my hair back to something darker ulit... But soon... i'll be back with something crazy. :)


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