Wednesday, December 30, 2015

OOTD: Life Just Keeps Getting Better

As I was contemplating on how my life has been lately, true that it had its super ups and mega downs, but there are still so much to be thankful for. 2015 had been a great year for me to learn more about myself and about what I really wanted to do with my life. It made me stronger and pushed me to do better. At first I was kind of complaining. I wish “this” never happened, I wish things were different, blah, blah, blah… But these moments, the moments I kind of hated and didn’t wish to happen, are the moments that molded me into becoming a better version of myself as the year exits.

Things at work has become more complicated. We are in a second corporate dispute. Wow, right? But think of it this way, better that we have already discovered the anomalies going on before it’s too late and this has actually even helped me grow, not just professionally, but also as a person. I have been given more responsibilities, I have been pushed into tapping the skills I have which I thought didn’t exist inside of me, and even though things can be very stressful at times, I have once again fallen in love with my work, with what we do, and with our new organization.

It was also this year that my partner and I celebrated our first year together. Some people think our relationship is perfect. It isn’t! Ha! But what makes things great is that despite of the misunderstandings, mood swings, and differences we need to deal with from each other, we remained mature and calm when we need to settle things. We talk and discuss about every bit of issue we may have within the relationship. We stay committed, we give trust, and enough freedom to not suffocate the other person. This is actually the most comfortable relationship I have ever been in. (If an ex is reading this post, yes, my current relationship is better than ours, but ours had its own beauty so don’t be too jelly. LOL).

I reconnected with some friends. I have been seeing and talking to my two guy best friends (Paul from highschool and Dave from my previous work) more frequently and it helped me realize that there are still people out there who would stick with me and love me wherever I am and whatever I do. I also cut ties with some quote-unquote friends and guys I used to date. Don’t get me wrong… I’m in good terms with the some of the guys I dated and we remained friends but there are some who insists on flirting with me and some would even want to, at least, just sleep with me. I couldn’t stand that and no matter how many times I say no they just don’t get it. So I’m just cutting ties with them and moving on.

TOP: SM Woman Plus | SHORTS: SM Woman Plus | WEDGES: Nicky | BAG: Gelleeshop
I’ve met and worked with a lot of people this year. From my scriptwriting stint for the Philippine Business Congress, to working with the content team of Historya (an app we’d be launching soon so watch out for it), new friends from Impact Hub, and in the events I attend, the world will never be too small for anyone. New opportunities and new networks have opened and I’m just glad that my move to Pampanga has never been a hindrance for me to continue doing a lot of things on the side.

Things have not been easy but they sure are getting better. I am learning more and I feel like I’ve been stronger than before. Cheers to an awesome 2015, hello to my new funky hair color, and hello 2016… What do you have in store for me? 


  1. Gellie, I love your pink hair! It's nice to know that you're stronger now. Cheers to a fruitful and blessed 2016! I wish you good luck this coming year :)

    1. Thanks Kath! Happy New Year to you and your family. :D

  2. You're definitely rocking that pink hair, Gelleesh! :) To a stronger you on 2016. Kampai!


  3. awww... definitely you will rock this year! :) Cheersss! Happy New Year!


  4. Wow! Nice hair color... I love it!


    1. Thanks! Thinking of the next color na for my hair. xD

  5. You looked so beautiful with this outfit and i like more the bag.


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