Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Querna Dose Book Launching Event

I used to love reading books.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read books; but ever since I started working, my mind suddenly got used to overly multi-tasking that if ever I would be doing something, I need to be working on another thing or else I’d get sleepy or bored. So when I started reading books again, I suddenly felt my eyes getting heavy and eventually wanting to snooze. Crap… I only finished a page. Even when I’m watching something. I would be browsing through my social media pages or writing something because if not, I’ll end up bored. It happened a lot of times.

So I figured that my super multi-tasking skill has kept me from focusing on one task at a time. I need to be busy and doing so much or else I’d be totally unproductive. Well, it’s not a problem at work since I really need to multi-task like crazy and even I am amazed at how I can write proposals and plans, while blogging, while updating my and our organization’s social media accounts, and still talk to friends; but during times when I really need to do just one thing… I get lost. I need to slow myself down a bit.

When Celine (a friend from The Feast Valenzuela who is also part of the Media Ministry) sent me a message inviting me to the book launching of her first published book, I asked myself, “Can I even commit to reading?” Just to be sure, I volunteered to bring along my book blogger sister, Czai (theblacksheeproject.blogspot.com) since she’s the one who will totally be more into it.

Selfie with sister during the event
Spoken Words Poetry about Father Art

Ricky Lee :)
Although I’ve known Celine in our The Feast Media Ministry group chat, I haven’t personally met her yet since I work on the blog and because of work, I haven’t gone back to Valenzuela for a long time. So I was surprised that when I arrived, Celine was able to recognize me easily and I already felt comfortable at the event.

What is Querna Dose?

That question has been running in my mind ever since Celine invited me. I chose not to Google it because I want the event to introduce me to the book, its concept, and what it means. So, Querna Dose means Prison Cell Number 12. Celine said there really is no particular reason why she chose the number 12 but of course, people were just really curious!

Oh and I actually asked Celine a question during the Q&A. I remember hearing somewhere how when authors write, there is a piece of themselves in their stories and so I asked Celine where is she in her story. She said that she can relate more with the lead character of the book, Father Art, because she has also gone through a lot. Different scenarios though of course!

So what is Querna Dose all about?

The story revolves around Father Art (obviously a priest) who got imprisoned because of a planned crime confessed to him. At the prison, he met a guy named Paeng who is (or will be) involved in drugs.

There is also this question in the book which tickled the curiosity of everyone, “Bakit nga ba nakaunat ang mga braso ‘pag yayakap tayo?” (Why are the arms stretched when we hug someone?)

A priest in a prison – pretty interesting eh? That’s what I thought too.

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I will soon get started on reading the book. It’s in Filipino but maybe once Celine gets the demand to translate it into English (especially for my non-Filipino readers who might be curious), it might just happen!

Congrats on your first published book, Celine. Can’t wait to get started with my copy and I’m looking forward to more of your works in the near future.

How about you guys, are you currently reading a book? What kind of books are you into?

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  1. Nice, thanks for your share, enjoy your time


  2. Sounds like a fun event!

  3. Congrats to Celine!

    Me, im not into books. Too bad that I find no time for reading. but i do love movies. :D hihi


  4. Seems like it was a lovely and fun event!


  5. Seems it was a so fun and interesting event!!!
    Nice pics,hun! :)

  6. This sounds like such an interesting read, I'd love if it were to be translated into English! I know, in today's society, it's become more difficult to stay focus on one task at a time, life and work are just so demanding and it can be hard to just focus on one at a time! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far, beauty!



    1. You're welcome, Jalisa! I actually haven't started on my copy yet because I'm not yet done with the current book I'm reading. xD

  7. A book launch event sounds really cool, thanks for sharing!


  8. Looks like a great event! Gemma x

  9. I used to read at least one book a week and then I got married and have my little one and with blogging, there's zero time for reading. Sigh, I miss getting lost in the books.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I miss getting excited to read books. Huhu :(

  10. This book event seems wonderful, I also adore reading book (: x speaking of which I am heading to the library soon to borrow some books later.


    1. It's been ages since I last went to a library. xD

  11. This books event look fun, i love going to the book events :)

  12. Sounds like a fun event and a great book!

  13. I have never been to a book launching event but I am sure it is a great thing to do. Nice pictures :)
    conscious lifestyle of mine


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