Wednesday, January 02, 2019

OOTD: Learning and Growing

I thought I've got it all figured out. But I guess I still have a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to do. My 2018 had not been easy, but it doesn't mean I should just gloat and cry every time a storm hits my way. I've been through worse. 

I guess there just came a time when everything was calm that I became too lenient. I let my guard down and I let things take advantage of how comfortable I've become. But the funny thing is, I never regret every decision I've made that might have led me into the eye of the storm. I guess this is one of those moments that I had to prove to myself, once again, that I am strong. That I can feel again. That life has so much in store for me and that I can't take every moment for granted.

Life is never easy. It's not supposed to be. And things won't always be fair. But it doesn't mean that we should just live with it. I suddenly remembered a line from the song "When I Grow Up" in Matilda the Musical:

"Just because you find that life's not fair, it doesn't mean that you should just grin and bear it. If you always take it on the chin and wear it, nothing will change..."

Hoodie Dress: Surplus | Shoes: Skechers

Find a way out of the mess you made. Find a solution out of the problem life has thrown to you. And know that the world has so much adventures in store for you. They won't be easy, but there will be smiles and learnings to come your way.

Love, forgive, and appreciate. Those are the three things I've learned and had to do this year. They are so easy to say, but they're so hard to do. And truth be told, I haven't been the best person either. I've hurt, lied, and tried to cheat my way out of things. But those always come back to haunt you eventually. I learned that too.

Even after all these, things still won't be perfect. But it doesn't mean I should stop trying to make things right. Life is beautiful even after all the storms that passed by. And loving is still worth it even after all the pain we go through. Don't give up, don't lose hope, and don't stop loving yourself and the people who care and appreciate you. They are worth your love, attention, and understanding.

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