Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My 2018 Christmas Wishlist

It might be a little late, but better than none right? My 2018 had been very eventful. I’ve had one of the best and worst moments in my life, I guess. I’ve learned a lot from everything and I’m not saying that I’ll be making the best decisions from now on, but I’m hoping I have become smarter and that I won’t repeat the same mistakes I did. No guarantee though, but I’ll give it a try. It isn’t always as easy as how you thought things are, you know?

New Gym Clothes

If you’ve been following me on social media, you might have already realized that I lost a lot of weight. And this isn’t because I was aiming on being thin… Well, initially that was it since I had an eating disorder. But when I got back on my feet, I started focusing more on being healthy and I’m proud to say that the doctor can no longer detect my PCOS and I do feel healthier and more energetic even. I’ve also been enjoying going to the gym. So this is definitely part of my wishlist – new gym clothes. And if someone can give me (or direct me where I can buy one) some sports bra, that will be very appreciated. I may have lost weight, but my breasts kind of remained the same.

Bluetooth Earphones

I actually already bought one through Shoppee’s 12:12 sale. But I feel like it won’t last long (I mean, come on, a Php 125.00 bluetooth earphones, really?). So part of my wishlist is to get a new pair of Bluetooth earphones I can use when I’m working out. It can be quite difficult to workout when you’re using your corded earphones ah.

Vintage-Inspired Clothes

Have you followed me on Instagram yet? Well you should! I have actually been wearing vintage-inspired clothes and I’m just loving it. Most of them I bought from Shoppee and some are pieces I already have and been mixing and matching. Actually, I feel so vintage even with my cropped tops. Like, hello 90s! The era I literally grew up in. But I’m interested to having more pin-up inspired dresses. They just make me feel so sexy. So why not buy more, right?

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette

(Image Source:

After getting the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette, I’m now drooling again (I’ve been wanting this palette ever since) for the Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette. I want to make more makeup looks and play with more colors. I know I keep saying that I’d post regularly again, but things happened and well, here’s to hoping come 2019 I’d have regular content again. But you see, I don’t want my content to be just another makeup post or outfit post. I want you to know that there is a reason behind every look and every outfit I wear. So I hope my 2019 blog posts will be something you all would look forward to.

Earrings! More of them, Please!

Well after trying out a pair of tassel earrings, I realized that I kind of want to wear earrings again. Get a few more piercings on my ears (I wish I can get one on my nose but sadly work does not allow it) and I’m also planning on getting one on my belly button. What do you think? I don’t know if this is just a phase, but hey this is what I’ve been loving lately.

I guess my Christmas wishlist this year is focused more on the changes and new things I’ve been doing lately. I had a tough but beautiful 2018. The people I’ve met and have become part of my life, the new experiences I’ve had, the pain I’ve gone through… All of those contributed to an even stronger and better me. So watch out 2019. I will rock your world.

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