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Who Can We Look to On Instagram for Simple, Yet Stunning Fashion Advice?

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In the past few years, Instagram has become more than just a simple photo- and video-sharing platform. While its purpose as a social media website is still going strong, nowadays people use it for far more than just life updates. Instagram is famous for being a hub for online shopping, sharing travel tips, discovering new products, and last but not least, finding fashion inspiration. Now with just a scroll you can find dozens of tips on how to style your outfits— from quirky, vintage-style looks, to streetstyle #ootds, to sophisticated, classy silhouettes. If you’re looking for more fashion inspo, check out this short list of Instagram accounts with the best style tips.

Renée de Guzman

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Fashion is about being trendy, but the true stand-outs are those who think out of the box. For outfits that are one-of-a-kind but still wearable, check out Renée de Guzman’s #ootds on Instagram. Renée has a sense of style that’s unlike any other, mixing together contemporary with vintage in a way that’s seamless and exciting. Plus, she even has her own fashion line full of jaw-dropping pieces that are truly unforgettable. And while fashion might look expensive, you’ll find a lot of her outfits are easily replicable using pieces from your own wardrobe, or from thrift shopping. Her feed is the perfect inspo spot for girls who want to experiment.

Rhea Bue

Everyone knows that the 90s are back in, but it can be hard to follow the trend without looking that you’re trying too hard. Luckily, blogger Rhea Bue is able to turn that style around and make it her own. Her outfits look like something out of an old magazine, but she somehow makes her looks seem contemporary and effortless at the same time. Rhea’s style is perfect for girls who want to look good but don’t want to jump through hoops; it’s relaxed, fun, and super casual. And if you’re on the lookout for more than inspiration, she’s also got an Instagram, where she sells her old clothes so watch out for that.

Heaven Peralejo

When you work in show business, it’s more or less expected that you wear top-of-the-line stuff, but young star Heaven Peralejo is a different breed. Her style is less about what’s expensive and more about what looks good for you, and it makes her worlds apart from other actresses. Heaven Peralejo has been working with clothing label BNY Jeans for a number of years, and has consistently shown her support for local fashion. Her looks run the gamut from cute and casual to slightly more dressy, but they’re easy to follow for any girl. Definitely an account you should look out for! You can see her Instagram account here.

Melissa Gatchalian

Longtime fashion blogger Melissa Gatchalian’s looks are out of this world, and that’s definitely a good thing. Melissa, also known as the Sartorial Panda, is somehow able to put together pieces that are deceptively simple, but create dreamy, dynamic outfits when combined. She’s definitely a fan of the 90s style, but her #ootds are easy to follow along. She keeps her wardrobe simple yet effective, and if you’re needing a bit more help when it comes to figuring out how to style with color, then her Instagram feed is the perfect place to pick up a few tips.

Clothes are some of the best things about life, so if you need more tips check out the Fashion category here on Gelleesh!

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