Monday, January 25, 2021

My CrossFit Journey

When I started my CrossFit journey, it was just because I was looking for a new challenge. I had been going to the gym consistently everyday for almost four months that time, and I felt like I needed to up my game. And seeing some of my friends on social media doing CrossFit, made me kind of wanna know what the fuss is all about.

The First Time I Heard About CrossFit

It was back in April 2012 when I received an email from Reebok Philippines' PR about the Reebok Experience Zone. It was for the release of their Reebok Realflex training shoes and to introduce CrossFit to the Philippines, in partnership with CrossFit Mnl. Reading through my blog post about it, even though I did my initial research about CrossFit prior to attending the event, I still hd no idea what its concept and all is. All I knew back then was that it's a kind of workout, and it looks really hard. Even during the demo of the movement like the CrossFit pushups, box jumps, and double unders, I was just in awe. Like, how the fuck can they do that?

For the event, they gave me a Reebok CrossFit shirt, and a pair of the new Reebok Realflex. And, technically, it's my first CrossFit training shoes, which I did not use much for that purpose. *Face palm*

Going Back to the Gym at 2018

I had an on and off relationship with the gym. The first time I worked out was when I was in 4th year highschool before prom, then the next was when I got back from a work trip in Cebu back in 2012. But both were accompanied with really horrible diet, and I was rushing a progress. The most recent, and what kickstarted my consistency to being fit, was when I enrolled to a nearby gym in 2018. However, the gym enrollment only lasted until January the next year because I got bored and I was looking for a new challenge. And then it hit me, 

"I think I saw a CrossFit gym here in Pampanga. Let me give that a shot."

So, I searched for them online, sent them a message on Facebook, and went on my first trial session on February.

Starting Out and Learning New Skills

It's kind of flattering when new box members would tell me that they aim to be as strong as as I am. I mean, I'm not the strongest, but I think I'm doing okay for someone who's been doing CrossFit for almost two years. But I wasn't this strong, nor a natural, when I was starting out. Hell, I can't even do a proper sit-up on my trial, that one of the assistant coaches was helping me get up.

I remember feeling so happy the first time I did the RX (Recommended) female height for the box jumps after two months of joining, and scaling up from knee raises to leg raises after 3 months. Even the double unders, I learned it after a year! To be honest, my progress was slow compared to our new members. My only weapon is that I was consistent, persistent, and a goal chaser. And that is what I keep reminding our new box members... Yes, it's natural to be excited to learn new skills. But do not be discouraged of you cannot do it immediately. It takes time, patience, and consistency. Do not stop, never give up.

Falling In Love with the Sports and the Community

I will never deny the fact that it's a dream to compete nationally. I was hoping to join the AA Fittest 2020 (Bootcamp Division), but because of the pandemic, it was cancelled. However, I was able to compete in two other competitions, kind of related to CrossFit.

The first was the PHPL Powerlifting Meet on January 2020. I did not win, but it was a good experience. The second was the IKO Kettlebell Asian Online Championship on December 2020, and I won 2nd in my division. They both have been good experiences, and my community of fitness enthusiasts and athletes even grew. That's when I realized... This is where I belong.

The communities of CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, and KB Sports are wonderful. They made me feel at home and everyone had been very motivating and supportive. Everyday I am inspired to get better whenever I pass by my fellow athletes'/fitness enthusiasts' Instagram story, showing their own journey and consistency with their chosen sports.

My 2021 Progress and Goals

I go to the box almost everyday. And it's not because of aesthetic goals, but more of strength goals. From single unders to now double unders, hand-release push-ups to handstand push-ups, knee-raises to toes to bar... I believe I've gone far. It was a slow and steady progress, which is all about trusting the process. Again, I wasn't a natural in this. I came in weaker than I expected (because since I already workout prior to joining, I thought I'd be stronger and more capable of doing the needed skills), but I pushed through and worked hard to lift the weights I want to lift, finish the WOD before the time cap, RX As much WODs as possible, and do the skills properly to help me progress better. It wasn't an easy journey; either you'll give up because it's hard or out frustration. I remember being so frustrated with double unders, but I did not give up. I practiced often, asked for advice, and kept trying until I made it. It's all about being patient, working hard, and trusting the process.

To be honest, I can see myself doing CrossFit even in my senior years. Finding a workout/sports that I will love and would fit my lifestyle was crucial to helping me stay fit and active.  And that sports is definitely CrossFit. I haven't been this consistent, until I've been part of the community.

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