Friday, December 04, 2020

Peanutubo Natural Peanut Butter - A Guilt-Free Treat

During the pandemic, there are a lot of food products coming out of the market. From home-made baked goodies to baked sushi, and even ready-to-eat meals to be delivered to your doorsteps. You name it, it may already be available online.

 And as much as I want to support every single one of these local food entrepreneurs, I also need to stay healthy. So, as much as possible, I choose those that taste great, but aren't empty calories. Basically, it means I'm opting for the healthier options and those packed with nutrients. One of those products that surely caught my eyes is the Peanatubo Natural Peanut Butter

For its nutritional facts, one serving (2 tsp.) is just equals to 70 calories with 6.4g of fat, 2.4g of carbohydrates, and 2g of protein. Not only is it healthy, but the ingredients used for this are hand-picked and grown by Kapampangan farmers. This means that by supporting this local product, you help support small farmers and the local agricultural industry.

Okay, taste test! As my family and close friends know, I am not a big fan of sweets. That is why I was so happy with how good this peanut butter tastes, but at the same time it isn't too sweet. It perfectly matches my preferences. Not to mention it's diabetic-friendly because they use coconut sugar as their sweetener. Awesome, right? The moment I tasted it, I immediately messaged them that I'd like to order the other flavor (the Peanut Butter Coco) and bought more too for gifting. My loved ones definitely deserve to taste this guilt-free treat. Oh, and did I mention it's vegan? 

 As for the price, you're getting a lot more benefits than what you paid for. The Smooooth (which is the one I've tried) is only Php 170.00 per jar (350 ml), the Chonky (with peanut chunks, obviously) is Php 170.00 per jar (350 ml) as well, while the Coco (the one I'm trying soon) is Php 185 per jar (350 ml). Should you have other questions about their products or if you want to purchase, just follow and message them on Instagram - @peanatubo.pb

Again, don’t forget to support your local entrepreneurs especially during these trying times. To be honest, they may just surprise you with how their products may even be better than those overly commercialized ones. So, go ahead, message a small entrepreneur friend and support their business, especially if you have extra fund to spare!


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