Saturday, February 13, 2021

Showing My Love Through Food

I've always used the term #BodyLove to talk about my advocacy in loving my body through taking care of it. And I believe that I can use my blog as a platform to getting that message across. You see, the current COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult for a lot of us in different aspects. From our physical to mental health, 2020 had been a really bad roller coaster ride. I don't think I can sugarcoat that year, to be honest. But at the same time, we need to get up, fight back, and do our best to help ourselves and the people around us. That is why part of the tools I'm using to motivate people to get going and never give up is writing and social media. Two powerful weapons on their own, and an even bigger force combined.

Now, let's get to the meat (this is a pun, please acknowledge hehe) of what I want to talk about - showing our love for our body through managing our relationship with food. Yep, it's the love month, and the relationship probably most of us need to work out on is our relationship with food. We cannot be marupok!

As most of you know, I went through a big weight loss, and I've struggled with my relationship with food for years. I have done a lot of kinds of "diets," and most of them aren't healthy. Yikes, right? But because of my journey, I managed to learn how to fix my diet, choose a sustainable one, and make it my lifestyle. That is, after all, what I always preach about - make your sustainable and healthier diet a lifestyle. Let's not get you as sick as I was before, please? Having an eating disorder wasn't fun. 

 Meal Preparation with Mekeni

Mekeni Picnic Cheesy Hotdog with my favorite veggie, Okra!

Mekeni Pork Tocino (Sweetened) with Red Rice and, yes, Okra!

As most of you know, I live on my own. Yep, strong and independent woman here! And my friends can attest to the fact that I am a pretty busy person. I juggle my time between work, CrossFit, and my side jobs. So, aside from my usual meal preparation of chicken breast, red rice, and veggies for lunch, I usually do my dinner preparation as quick as I can. I usually have my dinner once I get home from the gym, so I'm actually already pretty hungry by then. So, with the help of my trusted air fryer (because I try to reduce additional calories from pan frying/cooking), I just grab some frozen goodies and pair them with veggies. Sometimes I include red rice, if I'm feeling a bit hungrier than usual.

Mekeni Beef Tapa with Red Rice, Hard Boiled Egg, and Okra as my post-workout meal!

And lately, on Saturdays, I've been bringing a packed lunch to still keep track of what I eat and my budget, of course. Here, I cooked the Beef Tapa (still air fried!) partnered with okra, red rice, and boiled egg. Hello, post-workout meal!

A Family Treat with Mekeni

Well, these Mekeni goodies aren't just for me. So for Valentine's Day (okay, pre-Valentine's Day), my family decided to visit me all the way from Manila to Pampanga. I wanted to cook them something special, so I opted to go for Ribeye Steak, Fried Chicken, Pako Saland, and my famous Cheesy Pasta with Mekeni Belly Bacon in White Sauce.

(L-R) Cheesy Pasta with Mekeni Belly Bacon in White Sauce, Fried Chicken, USDA Prime Angus Ribeye Steak, and Pako Salad

The verdict? Of course they loved it. This time, I didn't air fry the bacon, but cooked it with the cheesy white sauce, and mixed the cooked pasta afterwards.

Love for yourself and your body does not have to be hard and depriving. You can still have your favorite hotdog or tocino, through controlling your portions and pairing them with veggies to complete to protein and complex carbs combo.

And showing your love through food to your loved ones, does not have to be complicated. Even a simple morning Filipino-style tapsilog meal, or in my case their favorite pasta dish with the Mekeni Belly Bacon, would really be appreciated. 

Love exists in different forms. And the most important for me is the love for myself and for my family.

How about you, how do you show your love through food? 


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