Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DreamGirl Colors Eyeshadow

You all know how I love looking for good yet cheap products and this is definitely one of them. The DreamGirl cosmetics is from 4u2 Cosmetics. Honestly, it's my first time trying their line of cosmetics so here are my insights.

Swatching & Colors:

Since they don't have their own shade labels, I gave them my own personalized names. Feel free to call them by my given name shades.

Pink Rose

Yellow Sunshine

I guess it is pretty obvious which color is which right? :D

The Good Bits:

First of all, it is affordable. Though the prices may differ per place, it still costs less than 100 bucks so it is definitely inexpensive. I love the container of the eyeshadow. It is very chic and you can slide it even in your pocket because it is light weight and super thin. The pigmentation is average and the colors are wonderful. 

Even though it is cheap, you are assured that this product won't harm your skin because it is sold at Watsons stores; but of course, if you have allergic reactions, please do check the ingredients of this makeup so you won't have any problems.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging is very poorly made

The container may be cute and all but the packaging itself is poorly made. The total packaging looks like a cheap sidewalk-bought makeup. The eyeshadows don't last long enough. If you're gonna be using this and you have an oily skin, better use a primer to make it last longer. It is also hard to identify which color is which because they did not put any name of shades on the container or even on the packaging itself; so I decided to call it Yellow Sunshine and Pink Rose

Again, it may not be generally harmful to the skin; but if you do have sensitive skin, check the labels first or try swatching it on your skin before purchasing so you'd know if it would give you an itch or if it is safe. Even the most expensive makeup could give you an itch if there is a specific ingredient you are allergic to in that particular product.


 I actually love this product because it is inexpensive, the container is cute plus I love the colors. Again, if you're gonna be using this and you have oily skin, use a primer to make this last longer on your eyes. I would be giving it a 6/10. I would definitely be buying more of their colors and would be trying out more of their products.


  1. the color is so cutee even the packaging is poor :)

  2. I have a few DreamGirl products and when I tried to look for the names/numbers of the shades, I found them written sa plastic. Sa may tag part yata. Maybe the shade numbers are there :)

    But I have to say, the price of these... so tempting ah. Haha

  3. @cominica - agree. i still love it because of the colors :)

    @aya - here's what is in the tag price: SC 103 4212 50 03 -- barcode number ata yan. Hehe. tingnan ko sa ibang stores maybe they have the shades or whatever. i'm waiting for their website but it's still under maintenance. baka sa website nila merom ;)

  4. I haven't tried any of their products yet. Feeling ko kase hindi maganda quality. Thanks for the review, maybe I'll try their products next time. :)

  5. i haven't tried these eyeshadows but i see these at watson's and department stores. thanks for the swatches dear! the colors are cute! :)

  6. @Jenn - That's what stopping me at first; but I used it and it worked well naman. They just need to improve the packaging. :D

    @sugar - no prob :)I would buy all the colors from this because they're inexpensive and I could experiment some looks using the wide array of colors they have available. :)

  7. I think yung nakita ko katabi nung name sa likod nung plastic, sa taas. Like "Symphony sparkling lipstick 05." Ganun lang. Haha anyway, yeah, ung website nila ang tagal :/

  8. great swatch~~~the colours are sooo pretty~~~


  9. i always see their stall but never bother to look at the products!!now after ur review ill def take a second look!:))

  10. @Aya - If you happen to pass by their stall and you see their stall do tell me if you find the shade in their eyeshadow's packaging. I searched the whole plastic and I can't seem to find it. Bulag na ata ako. XD

    @Jessy - Thanks! :)

    @Gie - Because their packaging looks cheap. Haha! It will turn someone off talaga! But I would want to try if this product could be promising and it is. As much as possible, I would want to try local brands so that I can recommend cheap beauty finds for everyone. It's a good thing my skin isn't sensitive at all.

  11. my dream girl eye quads breaks easily, i fix it from time to time kaya lang it's too hassle, ayaw na... :-p

  12. @Mary - I will not mind if they will sell their products a bit more expensive than before just as long as the quality is better. The colors are cute pa naman..


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