Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ever Bilena Pro Longwear Loose powder

I have been using pressed powder to set my foundation and although it does the job, it also slightly alters the color of the foundation because it has its own shade. That's when I decided that if I want to maintain the shade of my foundation I need to buy a loose powder which won't alter much the color of the foundation I'm wearing.

Again, I am so kuripot so the first brand that came into my mind was to look for something from Ever Bilena. Ever Bilena is a good brand. It is my trusted local cosmetics brand; plus if I ran out of product, I could easily buy it at nearest Watsons branch in my place.

I chose the Ever Bilena Pro Longwear Loose Powder in Nude. Here is how it looks like on my skin and on my face:

With Flash

Without Flash

Used with EnCara BB Cream

Used with the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Care in Honey Beige

The Good Bits:

First of all, the packaging is good. It looks like the regular loose powder you find so the packaging really attracted me at first. The sales demo tried it on my skin (not on the face ah!) and it didn't alter much the color on my skin; but it just gave it a matte, smooth and soft look. I like that it doesn't have a scent so if you are very sensitive to cosmetics with a strong scent or any other kind of scent, no need to worry about this one.

You need not to worry on how you would apply it. It comes with a retractable brush in its cap. At first, I did not get how the brush works until my sister turned the cap and the brush went longer. I thought it was just that short. Silly me. 

Because it's from Ever Bilena, it's not pricey at all. Some of the loose powders I know costs around 700-1,000 plus bucks. This loose powder only costs PHP220.00. More than half off from the other brands right? 

The Bad Bits:

Yes, it does come with a brush; but the brush is not very easy to use. The brush is so small that I have to dab it back on the product a lot of times just so I can evenly dustribute the powder on my face. My suggestion is that they should have just made the opening wider and rather not have a brush. I would want to use my Total Face Brush from ELF; but it won't fit in the container of the product.


Even though I did not like the application because of the small brush and all, I still love the product itself. It just gives my face a matte finish and a smoother and softer look. It did its job well and I would be purchasing this again. I will be giving it a 9/10.


  1. The packaging of this product was inspired by Revlon's Colorstay Mineral FOundie, I suggest you buy a coontainer with a sifter, that way you'll enjoy its application and just use another brush. That's what I did to mine.

  2. @aringkingking - thanks! will do that. suesh has makeup containers right? :)

  3. This looks interesting. I am planning to get the Fashion 21 loose powder but reading your review makes me consider the ones from Ever Bilena. Thanks! :)

  4. @Jes - No prob. It's a good product plus it's very inexpensive :)

  5. This looks good, maybe it will reduce the white cast you get from foundation with titanium dioxide.

    -- coz this one doesn't have it in the ingredient's list.

  6. Haven't tried this yet but I've tried their powder foundation. It's one of my faves from them! This looks nice too.Maybe I should look at it next time :)

  7. interesting im thinking of purchasing this one or revlon, but i have to try maybelline dream matte first :D

  8. My mom bought a loose powder from Revlon and the container looks exactly like this. I wanted one too but it's expensive :))
    I read this review last night so I bought this one just a couple of hours ago. :D

  9. @amz - tell me what u think of the maybelline :)

    @erikaloca - ooh, did you like it? :)

  10. You can pour the powder on to a clean surface and dab your powder brush. Just a suggestion. DollFace Cosmetics has a loose powder that's actually translucent and will definitely not change your foundation color. It's only 300+ :)

  11. @Maricarl-Janah -Thanks for the tip and for the recommendation regarding the dollface transluscent powder! :)


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