Friday, July 15, 2011

SPA-rfect Afternoon at Beauty & Butter

It has been one hell of a tiring day for me as I fixed some papers in the morning and had to walk long because I actually got half lost. After I've finished fixing the paper works, I decided to give myself a little break by heading to Megamall. I was actually thinking of Retail Theraphy; but my feet are too tired of the long walk and shopping means I'd have to walk again. Then, I found myself standing in front of Beauty & Butter.

The place looks awesome. With the graffiti outside, plus the cool comfy look inside, it just pulls you in the mood for some pampering. I looked at my poor tired feet and it was screaming for some pampering; so who am I to say no. After all, I owe my feet a lot.

There is this common misconception that salons and spas in malls are supercalifragilistic-chuchu expensive; but believe me, Beauty and Butter was really affordable. I chose to have the Foot Spa + Pedicure and Nail Polish package for only PHP560.00.

Free iPad use! 

So there I was sitting on a very cute colored comfy reclining chair, drinking my frappe while my feet were smiling happily and ready for the foot spa when one of the attendants offered me to use their iPad. Who am I to say no? I immediately opened my twitter, facebook, blog and played Plants Vs. Zombies. It just totally made me feel at home.

I've tried foot spas before from other spa places and some of them kind of almost hurt; but the attendant who did mine was very careful; but at the same time, you can feel that you feet really are getting cleaned and all. After like 3 months, this would be my first pedicure from outside of the comforts of my own home. After an incident with our local manicurista wherein my toe nail was slightly murdered (LOL), I didn't have my nails touched by anyone else anymore until now.

Drying my nail polish! :D

The attendant's hand was very light and there was absolutely no pain. She said that there is no need to remove the ingrown as I do not have them. I was more than relieved.  I also loved the color she put on my nails. She said they'll last really long. Oh and they had this dryer thingy to dry your nail polish. No need for that slow-motion moment when you're putting on your slippers. Hahaha! 

Who says only penguins can have Happy Feet? LOL

The Beauty & Butter branches are quite far from where I live; but I promised myself to give time for it since my feet shouted with joy after that nice pampering session. It definitely is worth it. Plus I told my mom and sister that I'd bring them there.

Beauty & Butter also has Facials which are very specific depending on your skin type (I need to try this next time), waxing and threading services, massage services and many more. This is definitely a one-stop spa for your vanity needs. Affordable,comfortable, great ambiance and great service - where else can you find that all in one place?

Beauty & Butter Branches are located in: 2/F SM San Lazaro | 2/F Entertainment Mall Mall of Asia | 5/F Megamall Atrium | 2F North Wing SM Cebu

For more info you can visit their website: or their Facebook Page:


  1. looks very relaxing indeed! :) will try to visit one of their branches soon.

  2. The drying gadget is hightech. They don't have that in nailaholics (where I used to go)

  3. im near sm san lazaro and we have B&B there but i never ever bothered to enter!!!!its soooo cool that they have free use of ipad!:)

  4. @sugar - go! :D

    @rae - shift to beauty and butter! :D

    @gie - why naman? they have affordable prices plus the ambiance is really great. you should try their services! :D

  5. looks like you had a great time :) and free use of ipad? hands down* will try it soon.

  6. Nice! I've been at their SM branch, too!

    Can we ex-links sis?

  7. @MC - You should! :D

    @Lizzie - Sure :)


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