Friday, September 09, 2011

20 PC Brush Set from Props Tools & Cosmetics

The Holy Package! :D
I went on an under time at work today because I had to go to my dentist so she could install this rubber thingy around my teeth as a prep for my braces tomorrow. Scared and excited at the same time. As a beauty blogger, I feel the need to continuously improve myself and these braces will help me with that. I'd be wearing them for a year and a half if I am consistent with my dentist visits and I will be. 

It's in PINK! OMG! ;)
After my dental appointment, I went home and finally laid my hands on my new brush set from Props Tools and Cosmetics. It's a 20 pc brush set which only costs P1,100. They are all natural goat hair and they're very soft to use. If you think, however, that the 20 pc brush set is too much for your needs, you can try their 16 pc brush set. The difference is that the 20 pc brush set has more eyeshadow brushes and it has a stippling brush. The 16 pc brush set costs P970. Affordable set of brushes, eh? They also have palettes at affordable prices and as well as concealers and corrector palettes. I would want to try out their palettes soon.

This is it, pansit! :D
Anyway, I'd be making a review about their brushes one of these days. I am quite overwhelmed at their eyeshadow brushes plus I have lots of brushes to clean now. Need to give more time in cleaning brushes now. I love that it comes in a pink pack because I so love pink. It is travel friendly and I can bring this to future makeup projects and even everyday wherever I'd be going because it's light and I can fit this in the bags I regularly use.

Do you already have a brush set? Where'd you buy it? If you don't have one yet, would you consider purchasing this one? Comment below your thoughts. Would be looking forward to interacting with you guys!

Till next post! ;)


  1. wow, they're really natural animal hair? where did you bought them?

  2. Lovely! I can't wait for the review~ Thanks for sharing babe!

  3. what a lovely brush set!! great haul dear ;)
    I have coastal scents brush set :)

  4. wow... envy parang mura nga siya for 20pcs. sana marunong din ako mg make up. gusto ko ng ganyan pag ng ka taon. ENJOY!!

  5. @Alta - yup. natural goat hair. just search for props tools and cosmetics in fb :)

    @Genn - No prob! I'm super excited to use this! :D

    @Sweethestia - IKR. So happy talaga with this brush set! :D

    @Nisa - How was the Coastal Scents brush set? :)

    @Recie - Yup,yup! Mura na talaga! :D

  6. I want! Now nadagdagan na naman ang choices ko: In Your Face, Dollface, or this. Hmmmmm

  7. Lovely Pink :D and brush set :) i use Bobbi brown set, and few sigma, stippling brush form etude ^^ sadly i cnt purchase this one :( would love if it was synthetic hair ^^

  8. @Aya - Isip isip mabuti. Hehe. Daming masarap bilhin no? :P

    @Rainy Days and Lattes - Thanks! :D

    @amz88 - Sayang. The pink actually caught my heart. Hehe. ;)

  9. OMG! can't wait for your review? all of these for only Php 1,100?

  10. @Kimberly - Yupyup! You can buy it at Props Tools & Cosmetics :)

  11. Great!was about to buy their 20 pcs brush set, but it was out of stock:(really sad:(


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