Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick With Shimmer

Burgundy Shine | Auburn Bronze | Rosette
Curiosity is what made me buy this lipstick line from Ever Bilena. I saw this first at and I was intrigued by the white moisturizer in the middle of the lipstick bullet because I haven't seen something like that before; but if you have, do tell me. Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough. Anyway, there are more shades from this lipstick collection; but I was only able to buy three because I don't want to just buy for the sake of swatching. I want to make sure that I will be using whatever I would be buying. I chose these three colors because these are the ones which caught my attention and I feel like would look good on me.

The Good Bits:

Since this is a moisturizing lipstick (hence the moisturizer at the middle of the lipstick bullet) it won't dry up your lips which is a good thing for me. It actually kind of reminds me of the creaminess of the NYX Round Lipstick. The price isn't bad either. The regular price for these lipsticks is PhP125.00. You'll definitely get more than what you paid for because these lipsticks also last long. I wear this at the office to try how long it would last on my lips. Even after I ate, the lipstick is still, somehow, visible. In my own opinion and assessment, the lipstick has potentials of lasting for 6-8; but it still depends on the shade. Specifically, I used the Burgundy Shine Shade on this one. No need to worry about the scent because it doesn't have a strong one; although the scent is not consistent because it depends upon the shade. The Burgundy Shine has this sweet lipstick scent, the Rosette has this rubbery lipstick scent while Auburn Bronze only has a bit of a lipstick scent; but isn't very noticeable unless you really sniff it.

It has a nice packaging resembling the NYX Roundlipstick wherein you'd see the color underneath.

The Bad Bits:

It could sometimes be too creamy. You may not be able to apply well some of the shades because it pulls the color all over your lips due to its creaminess. The lipstick may have potentials of lasting long; but as I've mentioned earlier, it still depends on the shade. For one of the shades that I have tried lasted less than how my Burgundy Shine shade lasted. That is why another negative thing about this lipstick is its inconsistency.

Swatches and Individual Shade Review:

Rosette | Auburn Bronze | Burgundy Shine (with flash)

Rosette | Auburn Bronze | Burgundy Shine (without flash)

The Burgundy Shine shade is my most favorite because it is the shade which looks best on my lips. It lasts long and it's not as creamy as the other two I own. The color matches my facial skin tone.

The Rosette shade looks a lot like my NYX Roundlipstick in Fig. It can be too creamy and this doesn't last long on my lips. 

The Auburn Bronze is my least favorite. I could be bias here because it doesn't look good on me. I suggest you comment below your own opinion with regard to this shade. We do have different skin tones; so for mine, this is a no-no. I haven't tried wearing it for other purposes, aside swatching, because it doesn't look good on me.


This is actually my favorite lipstick so far. I love the fact that it doesn't dry up my lips since I used to have dry lips problem. I will recommend this to anyone who would want a moisturizing lipstick and would want to prevent drying lips. My rating for this is 8/10.


  1. Nice review Gellie! I bought Berry Rose and Rosette and between the two I love Berry Rose more. I agree with you that they don't last long but moisturizing nonetheless.

  2. Buti na lang I made you kulit to get them when we were in Landmark and you had an itch to buy something... I love Auburn on you babe! Happy Birthday again! <3

  3. Avon has something like this, It's called mousse lipstick. Wait, is this new from Ever Bilena? I haven't seen this one before from any Ever Bilena counter.

  4. @Aya - Ako din kaso yung iba parang hindi na wearable or dahil lang hindi kasi bagay sa akin :P

    @Morbidfrank - But the Burgundy Shine lasted long sa akin and it isn't as creamy as the other two shades I bought. Depends upon the shade talaga. :)

    @Genn - I feel like Auburn actually makes me look darker. Hehe. Thanks! Super lakas ng convincing powers mo! From Lory's to this to your earrings! :D

    @Julz - Interesting. I would want to see that mousse lipstick. Yup, this is new. :)

  5. Hi! can you recommend a good face powder for me? I don't use foundation. thanks :)

  6. the rossette looks good on you :)

  7. I've seen a lipstick like this from Revlon (if I remember it correctly), that one has collagen on the center of the lipstick. Burgundy looks great on you. :)

  8. I'm not really a fan of Ever Bilena but I do want to try some of their products..Rosette looks good on you btw :)

    follow me:

    thank you so much!

  9. @Sweethestia - Oo nga. Parang ganyan yung Fig ng NYX :)

    @Sarah - What powder do you prefer? Loose or Pressed? :)

    @Socel - Thanks! ;)

    @Helen - Oh, really? Bet it's more expensive. This one, at least, is budget friendly! Thanks! Burgundy is my favorite of the three :)

    @Kimberly - Try Ever Bilena. It's one of my trusted local brands. I love supporting local brands because aside from the fact that they're inexpensive, they're really good din talaga.

    @Janinay - Thanks! Current fave ko :D

  10. @Gellie: Parang gusto ko tuloy itry ang Burgundy. Thanks for reviewing this! ^__^

  11. Babe ung Auburn Nicki Minaj lang ung peg~ But true Burgundy's the best among those 3.

  12. @Morbidfrank - No prob! :)

    @Genn - Yah kaso hindi ko pa ata keri iyon XD

  13. Hi Gellie! I personally like the pale pink...I dunno why, I think because you'll look glamorous with DIVA! hehe. Any, I hope you're having a great week so far. I actually have a giveaway from Burberry and From Freyja that you might wanna join :) Feel free to visit my site!

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  14. @Mar - I guess it's just not for everyday look. Thanks Mar! :)


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