Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NOTW: Glitters and Vanity

This is supposed to be just another Nail Of The Week post; but I just want to share a few things with you and I don't want to make a separate blog post which will only talk about myself. So, I am merging my Nail Of The Week post for today to a personal post.

Let's start off with my Nail Of The Week. This is not a nail art. I just want to use the NYX Nail Polish I bought last time during the Phil-Cosmetics Expo. This is the NYX Nail Polish in Under the Moon. It is not a blue polish; but more of a blue-glittered polish. To achieve this opaque look, I need to apply up to 3-4 coats. I love the grungy texture it has and the bigger glitters really stick on your nails (unlike this one polish with heart glitters).

I actually love the NYX Nail Polishes and I'm gonna be buying more soon at Digital Traincase. They just cost P150 each. Ain't that such a bargain?

Anyway, updates on what's up with my life. Tomorrow is my birthday. Yey! No big plans actually. I told my officemates that I won't be treating them anything; but I actually talked to Pizza Hut at SM Valenzuela already about a Pizza for my dear officemates in the RM&C Department and some other friends from other department. It's a surprise; but if they read my blog, they'd know. LOL.

My new home-office chair. Look at my cp's wallpaper. SoGelleesh! <3

I will be getting braces on Sat. It's mom and dad's birthday gift. Vanity above everything else, that's what I say! Oh, and thanks again to my parents for getting me and my two sisters this office chair. It's so comfortable working on my desk using my new office chair instead of my old monoblock chair. Yey!

Oh and my sister, Czai, is my sponsor for my upcoming brush set from Props Tools & Cosmetics. Thanks Ditch! I call her Ditch, short for Ditse because she is the 2nd ate and that's how most of us, Filipinos, call them. 

So I guess that's it for now. Thanks for the people who have already greeted me, to those who support my blog, to my mentors, to my blogger friends, high school friends, college friends, ex-office mates and everyone else. 

Do join my first giveaway this September. You'll win (2) The Spa Gift Certificates. I will be having giveaways the whole month of September because this is my birth month and I am very thankful that I have such an amazing life, friends, family and career.

Till next post!


  1. I love love your NOTW! I wish I paid attention to NYX's polish last expo. Would love to get me those in pink, yellow, purple and green~ Happy Happy Birthday babe! I wish you good health and happiness! I can't wait to see you again. Enjoy your special day~ Kiss Kiss <3

  2. I love the nails, but i don't know if this one i bagay to me. And happy birthday girl.

  3. @Genn - Thanks! I wanna buy more pa nga! It's so worth it. Let's buy pa! :D

    @Sweethestia - Pagnagkita tayo dalhin ko, let's try sa nails mo. Remind me lang ah. Medyo forgetful ang lola mo. Hehe. Thanks! ;)

  4. @Gellie - sureness. I'll remind you. :D Happy Birthday again! Muah!

  5. just followed your blog and you are so kikay wish i was when i was your age...more fruitful years to come...Happy Birthday!

  6. i like that NYX Girls NP!so bling bling! :D

  7. @Limes&Lemons - Thanks! ;)

    @Helen - Thank you!

    @Eenah - I like it too! Kaso mga ilang coats para maging opaque :P

  8. that nail color is awesome, i love blue shades on nails! Wishing you a very happ birthday Gellie!

  9. @Cherie - Thank you! ;)

    @Kumiko - True! :D


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