Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gelleesh was at BLOGAPALOOZA

September 17, 2011 - I attended the Blogapalooza at Fully Booked in The Fort with 150 fellow bloggers. Some of them I know because we have the same niche, some I have been with at previous events, some I have met through different instances and some are familiar faces because the blogging community is quite a tight circle.

I registered a month ago after learning about this from fellow blogger, After a few weeks, I received an email about my application's acceptance to be in this event. Only 150 bloggers will be accepted for this event and I'm really glad to be part of that 150.

The day of the event itself, I met up ShopGirlJen and Kai of Brew Of The Day at SM North Edsa and then went to McDo Banawe to meet DailyFashionista who drove really fast and safe to get us to the event by 12noon.

Our lunch (image from:
Vince Golangco hosted the event
At the event, we enjoyed lunch from Italianni's and HealthyFirst. After the delightful meal, the event proper started at exactly 1:00PM. Kudos to the team for throwing an awesome event which went well, on time (rare thing for most events I attended) and enjoyed by everyone. Vince Golangco (DJ, Blogger and TV Host) was the one who hosted the event.

Here are some pictures during the presentation. I wasn't able to take pictures of all the presenters because I was too busy making "chika" to my fellow bloggers. We're still "madaldal" even if we're not on Twitter! Oh and I won't be able to post all the pictures of all the presenters here. I'd be posting more pictures in my Facebook Page: so just check it out there:

Pictures with some bloggers who attended the event:

with DailyFashionista of

With Hannah of

With Marianne of

With Kai of

With Jen of and Isha of

With Jen ( | ME ( | Earth ( | Kai ( Marianne ( image source:

ME ( | Jen ( | Jes ( | Kai ( | Gie ( image source:

Jen ( | DailyFashionista ( | Earth ( | ME ( | Kai ( image source:

ME ( | Kai ( | Jen ( | Charles ( image source:
After the event, I have zero idea on how to go home. My only way was a cab; but everyone is looking for one so the possibility of hailing a cab fast was a bit impossible. Good thing Earth of and I have the same route and we both need to go to Edsa to get home. Upon reaching Edsa, she went up to the MRT and I rode a bus and paid for two seats because of the 2 bags of freebies and my personal bag (which has freebies as well). 

There were more but family members took some already even before I take the pic LOL
I came home happy and satisfied with the event. I was able to give some to my family while the others I kept for myself. I left some for blog giveaways and some for my Filipino US-based fashion and beauty blogger friend, Fashiometics.

I was not able to win any raffle prizes but it wasn't the whole point of the event. It was a successful networking event for me as I was able to talk to some businesses and bloggers as well. Hope to be at the next blogapalooza!

More pics at my Facebook Page:

Sponsors and Presenters for the Blogapalooza Event:* | HTC | Blue Water Day Spa | Fully Booked | | Chana | Sofitel | Aquabest | Phiten | Creative Voices | Leslie's | Unilever | Lipton | Golden ABC: Regatta, Memo and For Me | Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass | Aesthetic Science | Jap-Ok | Lay Bare | Galileo | Paul Calvin's Deli | Oryspa | Fart: Fashion Art | Papa John's Pizza | Polecats Manila | Freestyle Ballers | Avira Antivirus | Tree Hugger | Beyond Beauty | Sparkle | Matabungkay Beach Resort | Size Matters | Healthy First | Tripologie | Lazer Xtreme | Big K Imaging | Human<3Nature | 360 Fitness Club

*Should I have missed to mention anyone in the sponsors list, please do tell me.


  1. Yay it was an awesome Saturday! Definitely will not forget that day. :)

  2. Looks like you had heaps of fun! Love your blue dress!

  3. love this gel! excited for the 360 and polecats GC haha! lezzgow!!

  4. @Kai - Yey! Kahit maulan masaya pa rin! :D

    @PopBlush - Thanks! ;)

    @Jen - Pole Dancing - FUN for sure. :P

    @Jackie - It was! :D

  5. Fun Fun Fun it screams! Good thing you had loads of it there! See you soon! IMY! <3

  6. Masyado nang nakakainggit!! ayoko nah!!! :p


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