Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD: A Night Out with My Blogger Friends

Last night I attended the FreewayxManansala event (which I would be blogging within the week) and then the Multiply Party afterwards.  I actually came straight from work so imagine me wearing this (yes, even the pumps) for the bus and the MRT. The pumps was worn for 15 hours straight. Beat that! LOL

For my hair, I just had my hair cut the other day and then teased it for a grunge no-suklay look. Haha! For my makeup, I actually woke up late that day so I just had an EnCara BB Cream, a MAC Lipglass for the lips and the HumanHeartNature Mineral Eyeshadow Trio. I haven't explored accessories much yet; but the necklace is from Marianne of She has been pretty MIA these past few days because she has her exams. Do visit her blog sometimes.

The dress and the belt are both thrifted. Yes, it's from UK! LOL and got them for less than 300 bucks. Yes, the total! I am super "kuripot" so I really look for ways to get stuff without paying too much. The shoes is less than 500 bucks and so is the bag.

If you want some thrifty shopping tips, hang out in my blog or you can join us in one of our shopping escapades which is normally spear-headed by beauty and fashion blogger, MissGennD.

So till next post guys and watch out for my post regarding the Freeway collaboration with Vicente Manansala's works and the Multiply Shopping Parteey!


  1. You look sex-xay babe! I super love your UK find~ Gorge! Thanks for mentioning me~ So yeah if you are on a budget and still wants to look oh-so-fab like Gellie contact us and you'll earn shopping buddies automatically~ =)

  2. you look like vavavooooommmmmm.... gorgeous indeed.

  3. I agree with you mama(gen)super sexy ni gellie dito.

  4. The necklace looks perfect with the dress :) it tied the look together. Indeed, the smallest detail can make an outfit ;)

  5. it's not how much it cost but how you carry it. and girl you carry it well!!! ganda and sexy mo!

  6. wow, that dress was thrifted? nice ha! sayang i arrived sooo late during the multiply event :P next time again! soon, hopefully :)

    join my Paisley clothing Giveaway! WIN shoes, a bag and chocolates!!!

  7. I love your hair:) so cute! I'm new with your blog and I'm happy o follow you and be part of your fashion world:)

  8. i admire your ability to wear heels on the mrt and almost 15 hours straight! this is such a killer outfit, it highlights your curves!

  9. 15 hours in heels? that just feels like working out.

    that is just fab!

    Thinking Out Loud

  10. beautiful dress! You look so put-together.

    Haha, I love thrifting, too!

  11. @Genn - Korak! :D

    @Cor - Thanks a mil! :)

    @Sweethestia - Waaah. Hahaha! XD

    @Ana Maria - Correct! Back then I really don't give much importance on accessories...

    @Phoebe - Thanks! Hope to see you soon! :)

    @Sarah - Haha! At least Nakita pa rin kita kahit you're late na. See u again soon! :)

    @SunnyToast - Aww, thanks dear! :)

    @Cherie - Thanks! I have been just recently exploring on fashion blogging and all and I'm enjoying so far :)

    @Lili - True! I want to get myself used to 'em :)

    @Jackie - Thrifting is so great. You'll get to find great stuff at very low prices! :D


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