Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizer

Ever since we were little, we're constantly told to wash our wands before we eat; but it's not all the time that we get to see a faucet and a sink when we eat. How about when we eat our chips, go out on a picnic how are we supposed to sanitize and clean our hands off of those germs before we use them on our food and into our mouth? Yikes, right?!

"Keep harmful bacteria at bay without drying out your hands with our all natural spray sanitizer, clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs, naturally. This handy spray formulation is also perfect for toys hard surfaces and potty seats. Don't leave home without it." - HumanheartNature

The Good Bits:

The HumanheartNature All Natural Spray Sanitizer  I have comes in Citrus Blast. I love the scent it has because it isn't too strong so good news for your nose! Considering the fact that it is from HumanheartNature, true enough it is 100% no harmful chemicals! I've had other sanitizers and my problem always will be the strong alcohol scent or the super sticky jelly feel it has after application and this one from HumanheartNature doesn't have any of those. I think I found the perfect sanitizer for me. And even though it is a sanitizer, fret not for it does not dry up your skin.

The Bad Bits:

None I can think of.


I love this product so much that I will surelt re-purchase. I will be giving it a rating of 10/10. Everyone in the family can use this product and you'll love the scent it has. You can buy this at any Beauty Bar Boutiques or online at I got this one from the Blogapalooza event I attended last month. Human Heart Nature made me fall in love with their products. <3


  1. Hi Gellie :) been using this brand for quite some time since my mom bought quite a number of products. I have yet to try this, but their insect repellant and foot lotion work wonders ;)

  2. @Ana - Must try that one. Thanks Ana! Slowly buying and trying their products. :)

  3. I love human heart nature. I did a ppt project on it before for my office productivity class :)

  4. I love Human Nature too! I use every product they have from head to toe! :)

  5. yay! didnt know that they have a sanitizer din..
    i must try that too.. baby and i needs it.. haha ocness

  6. @Ava - Their products are organic plus they're local. Proud of this brand :)

    @Jen - First heard of HumanheartNature from you. Salamaat! :D

    @Diane - Haha! You're not the only one. I have different kinds of sanitizers pa dito sa bahay cos I can't seem to find the one which I will love until this came... :P

  7. Nice reveiw gellie.. i wanna buy this. I want the citrus smell nakaka relax yun e.

  8. @amz - try this one dear. super okay siya :D

    @Sweethestia - Trueness! :)


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