Friday, December 09, 2011

My Charm Pro Brushes from Multiply

 I'm so excited to get my hands on my new brushes. Yes, I ordered new makeup brushes and it's all thanks to Multiply Philippines and Bloggers United. As you all know, I attended the Bloggers United Bazaar part 2 last Dec 3, 2011. I got to buy great stuff from the bloggers I love and the event was really a success.

I'm actually on my way out and was bidding everyone goodbye when Anagon asked me if I want to go to the Multiply Booth for a GC. Who was I to say no to a GC, right? LOL. Anyway, the Multiply Booth was so comfy and you would really want to go shop all day.  Anagon introduced me to Erben from Multiply Philippines and she asked one of their staff to assist me with my shopping. 

There I was sitting comfortably at the bean bag, in front of the laptop and have a 500 GC to splurge on Multiply. Where would the likes of me go? Wait, was that even a question? Of course the GC would all go to makeup / makeup tools. I immediately went to the Digital Traincase and browsed on.

 I chose to buy the Charm Pocket Brush Set. Sakto it's P500! As I watched how the order was processed, I must say, it's easier than before when you need to comment on the product's picture, wait for the seller's reply and stuff; ask the seller for modes of payment, basta! It used to be a confusing process. Now that Multiply has, finally, become an e-commerce social networking site of some sort, shopping there is a lot easier than before.

Here's how ordering is done:
Click on the product you'd be buying (Pretty basic)

Click the BUY NOW button found at the bottom of the product's page

Confirm your order and proceed with checking out

Choose your Shipping Option, click the Enter Address and (DUH) enter your address there once a pop-up window shows up. Choose your payment option at the side and a discount code if you have one

DONE! :)
Easy, right? You just need to follow the instructions, answer everything that needs to be answered and you're done. They actually informed me, via email, that I'd receive the item early next week due to the numerous orders they have processing; but the order arrived early and I was super happy to get my hands on my new Charm Pro Brushes.

Might do a review about the brushes after I've tried them. Again, thanks Multiply Philippines, Bloggers United and Anagon.

Till next post everyone! :)


  1. I love the new multiply e-commerce system, A big help for buyer & seller like me :))

  2. wow that's really affordable brush, nice find

  3. nice!!!! i have a shop in multiply too but i'm still trying to get used to it.. ^_^ i'd have to agree multiply really is the ecommerce social haven.

  4. I love your chibi on the corner! Congratulations and enjoy your brushes!!!

  5. never tried buying from Multiply yet, maybe in the future...

    time to use those brushes!

  6. i also have not yet tried buying from multiply online store, maybe next year na because all my earnings for this month has allocations na hehe

  7. It makes me want to go to multiply again. Hahaha. Enjoy your new brushes!

  8. i don''t know how to apply make-up but i bought make-up brush few years ago. hehe! nice finds.

  9. Never tried buying online pero dmi aman nagsabi na ok nman but im afraid s dmi ng indi legit online store,,,

  10. THough I never tried buying online ever, I might check multiply now. Thanks for sharing.

  11. OMG! I am so envious.. Wish I was able to attend the Bloggers United 2! Stupid skin allergies! >.< Anyway, I like buying stuff from Digital Traincase. Will definitely wait for your Charm Pro brushes review.. :)

  12. Ooh cool! Timing naman! :D I wanna buy the charm travel brush set! Pero still thinking pa because I want the real techniques brushes too :D Hmmmm..

  13. I love brushes. Don't misconstrue me for I'm a man. I love them for they are one of the best gadgets I know that turn an ordinary woman into a beautiful lady. I am sure my beautiful wife love these... Go, go, go So Gelleesh! :)

  14. I haven't tried buying from Multiply yet but I'll consider it next time. :) Nice brushes, very affordable

  15. you must be like me...a make-up lover...nice brush set!

  16. @FBTL MANILA - True! It makes ordering easier for us, consumers :)

    @ChrisAir - Love the Charm Brushes :)

    @Andianka - Multiply was almost a dying social networking site; but they've managed to re-create it and it got even better :)

    @Matsumoto - Thanks! :)

    @Yuuki - Will probably use them tomorrow :))

    @Joy - Multiply has gotten better. Once you shop you might not be able to stop :P

    @Sining - Thaaaanks! :)

    @Michi - Hang-out in my blog more often, I sometimes teach basic makeup stuff :)

    @Morion - If it's a multiply trusted seller safe ka for sure. Don't worry :)

    @Julie - Welcome :)

    @Sumi - Sayang talaga. And there are awesome stuff up for grabs din. XD

    @Micheatsandshops - both are awesome brushes!! Hard to choose xP

    @Gil - Thaaanks! Your wife will love it for sure, great idea for a Christmas gift :)

    @Arcee - Thaaanks! Yup, I'm a makeup lover too :)

  17. nice brush set. i don't have a brush set, but only one piece of brush for myself ^_^ . but this is a good idea to buy like yours for my 2 daughters . thanks for sharing this.

  18. Yay, it is pink. So cute! See you on Monday dear. Radio show tayo! :D

  19. i buy from multiiply a lot. :) looks like a great brush set sis! ;)


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