Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snoe Whitening Powder Mask

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

Filipinos are obsessed with having that flawless and whiter skin. Does Snow White, being the prettiest of them all, has something to do with this? Well, if that is the case, let Snoe help you to become the fairest of them all! Snoe has this Extra Strength Glutathione Whitening Powder Mask. When I attended the Snoe bloggers party, what really caught my attention is their Gluta Powder Mask. Well, I've been an advocate of loving oneself but I think there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve every once in awhile. Besides, the Gluta mask has many promises other than just whitening your skin.


What does it have and do on your skin?

Glutathione - DNA synthesis and skin repair | Anti-Oxidant | Revitalize | Reduce Signs of Aging | Skin Dullness | Blemishes | Evens out and whitens skin

Niacinamide - Reduce water loss  in the skin and retain fatty acid levels (younger, plumper, firmer skin) | effective acne reducer | skin lightening

Vitamin C - Anti-Oxidant that promotes  skin radiance and repair, Brightens complexion

Grape Seed Oil - Contains polyphenols which are anti-oxidants and can help slow the process of aging as well as having anti inflammtory and anti-oxidant properties which also makes it greate for helping clear up acne

How the powder looks like

It contains  3 packs of powder and a whitening solution.

The Good Bits:

The packaging comes in a sophisticated and royalty-like box.  The instruction at the back of the box is really easy to understand. This is actually not expensive. It's only 300+ pesos and definitely worth it. If you'd be using it on your face, it could last up to a month but if for the whole body, a pack is recommended. It doesn't have any unpleasant scent and its claims are true. Okay, it did not give me the super whitened skin but it lightened my skin, for sure just not to the point that it would look awkward. I guess it brings out the brightest my skin can come up with. Effects are as early as seven days but if you want to see better results, you can continue using it just base it on the instructions at the back of the box. My zits are lessened and my skin feel smooth already. Removing the mask is a breeze once it dries up. Just wash it off and enjoy the result.

The Bad Bits:

Mixing :)
When I used this, I felt a bit of a sting in some of the areas where I have zits. Some may not like this feeling but for me it's actually an indication that it works. You also need to make an effort in mixing the powder and the solution until you get the consistency needed to be applied to your skin. You also have to not move too much. Considering the fact that it's a powder mask, once it dries up it will flake out off your face and  fall on whatever's in front of you.


Haven't used the product yet | A few times used the product | 7th Day of using the product

This is one product which will be staple on my list. I will definitely re-purchase this again and use it regularly. This one of the amazing products from Snoe and I'd be giving this a 10/10.


  1. Wow, you actually look lighter on the 3rd pic! Now heading to the Snow website to see where I can get this....

    Much love, Christia

    7 reasons why I love Christmas from Christia's World

  2. This is so nice! I like facial masks, kaya lang I try to avoid the whitening ones since my face is already lighter than my body's complexion.. ^^ I hope Snoe has other non-whitening masks.. I want to try some Snoe products too.. :D Will definitely visit their store soon.

  3. Hi Gellie! Thanks again! Wow, you did a great job in that picture, we can evidently see the results. There a lot of things to be excited about in the year ahead, one of which is, we are launching lots of products that would be the first in the country. We are very proud to be pinoy and world class at the same time.
    Hi Christia, it's actually Snoe pronounced as Snowy and not snow. We hope to see you in the store. Please check our site and our facebook page. Thanks! :)
    To Sumi, perhaps next year we'll have a non-whitening variant.

  4. it really brightened up your complexion! now i want to try it too. :) thanks for the review dear.

  5. @Christia - I'm really happy with the result! :)

    @Sumi - As of now you can try their other products. I suggest you check out their soaps which comes in many variants depending on the need of your skin :)

    @Snoe Beauty - I'm really excited to see what beauty products you'd soon be releasing! I'm really proud of you girls and the products you've come up with for Snoe :)

    @Sugar - Not only did it whiten my complexion but it also reduced my zits :)

  6. I love! :) Sayang, I wasnt able to go to their party, as I was busy with our Christmas Party as well. Hopefully, I could get to know more about Snoe's products :)

    Much love,


  7. I love that it's really effective, based on your before and after pics :D

  8. aw, it really lightened up your face...i'll try this out one day

  9. Interesting! It really lightened up your face. Takes a bit long to prepare though. Where is this available? Thanks!

  10. looks like bleaching powder, can I try it on other parts, I can't risk going to derma because of allergic reaction

  11. wow! nice review!! it really lightens your complexion..hope I can drop by their branch anytime soon...Does they have anything for acne skin?

  12. hi sis! thanks for informing me on the calamansi soap...I would visit their branch later..hehe~ BTW, the washa cleanser I just bought it in a japanese store in makati..forgot the name though..hehe~ anyway, i love your blog!! its informative and helpful..mwahz...more power..~^_^~

  13. Wow, it really did work for you! At first I was a bit skeptical in buying this product, now I'm convinced...thanks to your blog!


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