Thursday, December 15, 2011

NOTW: Metallic

It has only been a day since I last update this blog but it feels like a long time already. I have pending posts (not required, just stuff I want to share to you guys) so I'm starting of with this. This is my nail of the week and I wore this during the Mario Maurer ENCORE, KYSS Anniversary party and the mini-Christmas Party with some of my officemates.

I adore the Nature Republic Nail Polish because they're very easy to apply, they have wide brushes and the colors I got are awesome; but there's one major problem I've had and that is the nail polish does not last long. Like after three days, they're starting to chip already. Boo! ):

So anyway, just wanna give you guys a quick recap of what has happened to me this week and what has kept me busy. (This will also serve as a reminder of what I should be blogging about next in between my reviews)

First, Monday I was a guest at The Suplado Show! Yey! Will blog about that soon and also made a new friend through it. Tuesday I went to the The Encore by Penshoppe featuring Mario Maurer (kilig!) and then to the KYSS Anniversary party with my Minion friends. Thanks Queen B (@PublicityAsia)! Wednesday, I went out on a mini-Christmas party with some of my officemates; and now it's Thursday. I'd also soon be making a review, also, of the Snoe Gluta Powder Mask. I love its effect and it has really lighten my skin. Nope, it did not make my face ultra white cos it would look weird but it made my skin lighter in a natural way.

Anyway, that's it for now. Will post a blog entry again tomorrow. Surprise if it's a makeup review or one of the events I attended. Hope you're all doing great. How was your week? Do tell me all about it at the comments section below! Love y'all! :)


  1. Gotta check out NR polishes! They're less expensive than np from TFS di ba? :D

  2. @Aya- they are buuut they chip easily so warning lang... xP

  3. Sorry Gellie I wasn't able to catch you on The Suplado Show nung Monday.. :( We were stuck in traffic kaya halos wala na kong naabutan when I got home. Anyway, loving your metallic nail color! :)

  4. i thot it was paul and joe's bottle, may similarity- a bit lang naman:)

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