Friday, December 30, 2011

You've Been Good 2011

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"Gonna live like it's the end of the world..."

2012 please be good to me. 2011 had been one helluva great year for me but I didn't expect it. I just lived this year to the fullest and I'm just glad that everything turned out great. This will be a thanks giving blog post of some sort with some random stuff so please bear with me. 

Dad's not here cos he is the one taking pics :P

First of all, I would like to thank my family for being supportive of the things I do. From my blogging to the resignation of my second job, dang! It was not an easy decision. My mom was like, "are you sure you wanna resign?" And at first I wasn't because I really did enjoy my stay with the company and all those stuff that I do; but some factors are to be considered; hence, I moved on. However, I would also like to thank my boss from Pixel Pro for the many opportunities she gave me. Will always be grateful.

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To one of my best high school buddies, Celine ( I keep on thanking her because she really is one of the reasons why I'm into blogging. She taught me most of the shits I know about cosmetics and she opened my eyes into being more kikay. If you're my friend since HS, you'd know I'm not that kind of girl. I'm always with the guys, one of the CAT officers and into playing tons of video games. So this is a 360 degrees change. Cel pushed me to blog and encouraged me along the way. She's always there and never left even if she's already in the US. She's always in full support and I feel it even if we're miles apart from each other.

my new blog layout :)
Blogging has opened so many doors for me. I met new friends, knew who the social climbers and fake people are in my life, helped me improve my writing skills. I started blogging April 2011 but in weebly. I was all alone in weebly until Jen ( or Kai ( discovered my blog and eventually pulled me into using blogger instead. It was June 2011 when I shifted to Blogger and I'm really glad I did. I can't list all my blogger friends here 'cos they are too many and I love each and everyone of them. You know who you are!

Aya | Rache | Kai | Jen | GELLEESH | GennD
Jen | DailyFashionista | Earth | GELLEESH | Kai = The #GoodMorningClub LOL
not here cos I took the photo: Bianca | Isha | Jes | GennD | Kei | Micah | Brie
Kei | GELLEESH | Mar | Gie | Bianca
Aside from Blogging, of course, I am so thankful of my blogger friends. As I've said in the last paragraph, I can't list all of you 'cos I have this tendency to be forgetful but I know that you all know who you are. From our shopping escapades, to our partying together, food tripping and just plain hanging out. I appreciate the good times and the encouragement in all the things that I do. I'm the kind of person who NEVER EVER forgets when someone does something good in my life. Listing stuff is not part of what I'm good at remembering but knowing the good stuff you did to my life, now that's worth remembering. Thank you girls and gays and guys! I love you. You all know that.

GELLEESH | Jamie | Sheryl | Bea | Marowe |  Xin | Bryan
Xin | Kat | Joyce | GELLEESH | Jamie | Sheryl | Bea | Yanie | Bryan
To my fellow minions. It all started with the Queen B, PublicityAsia, and through her, we met each other. We've known each other only from Twitter until the day when the Queen decided to give us a chance to meet each other and the ever so awesome, Mario Maurer during his encore. We partied at Kyss and got drunk and all. We've had tons of fun and we vowed to make 2012 an even better year. Party on fellow minions! 

KMBI RM&C Department during our Christmas party presentation
A new career in 2011. I finally found my match. It was an unexpected thing. Writing is my first love and I'm glad I got accepted as a Publications Associate in KMBI. Well it's an NGO and a Christian org that is why aside from practicing my skills in writing, I also developed a closer relationship with God. Thanks to my RM&C Department and to my other officemates who just made my office days amazing! I'm on my 6th month at work in January and so far, I'm doing GREAT!

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God - Thank you so much for all the great things you've given me. Things were not easy especially for my family; but you still managed to end the year with a blast and I'm just so thankful of what you've done with my 2011. I've known the people whom I should trust, whom I can count on and who will never ever leave me. Things will never be easy but with You by my side, I know I can always get over them. Thank you, Lord!

2011 you've been an awesome year so 2012 please be more amazing! :)


  1. I'm happy for you for keeping up the good work. It's true that life's great when you just live it to the fullest and ignore those haters. you're the only one who can define and invent yourself. I hope 2012 will be good


  2. Glad you had a wonderful 2011.. :) I hope 2012 will hold more blessings and opportunities in store for you.. :)

  3. It's so wonderful to see that you had an amazing year! I wish you an even better 2012!

  4. Happy new year! congrats on your wins! On that note, I would like to invite you to my give-away featuring stuffs from coastal scents, urban decay, soap & glory and h&m. here's the link: thank you so much! have a great day!

  5. Happy New Year! I'm so glad I've seen your blog and I would really like to meet you someday ^^, Have a great 2012 ahead!

  6. happy new year gellie!:) may God bless you this year! keep inspiring us all with your blog!:) keep blogging! :D

    tricia :) alarillasisters

  7. More blogger success Gellie. Way to go!

  8. Great post! Happy new year! :) Hope to earn blogging friends this year!


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