Thursday, January 12, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

I need a new hair color but I'm too kuripot to go to a salon again. I had my previous hair color care of my mom and it cost her P2,000+. As much as I want to have a good hair color which won't damage my hair I also need to be practical because money doesn't grow on trees as I am also saving up for something ;) So, I asked around for a decent DIY hair coloring available in the market and there have been many recommendations; but the one which made me finally release some moolah is this Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Sweet Orange!

There's nothing much to introduce about this product since about 97% of the text are written in Korean and I cannot read nor understand Korean; but my experience will tell you of the whole experience. I decided to use the Sweet Orange Shade because it's the shade closest to my previous hair color. As much as I would love to explore new hair colors (because you all know how eccentric and outrageous I can be at times) work just won't allow me. So the simple colors like this is the most allowable hair color I can wear.

Here's what's inside the box: The pump with a liquid solution | Bubble Coloring solution | Silky Perfumed Treatment | Latex Glove and Plastic Cape

So, how did I use this? 

1. First, of course, wear the cape and apply the latex glove on your hands

2. Pour the Bubble Coloring solution into the pump with a liquid solution and just tilt it from side to side. Gie ( told me not to shake it since it might get too foamy to get out of the pump

3. Pump out the solution and apply the foamy stuff on your hair

4. It is important that you finish the whole coloring solution because you can no longer use it for the second time around if you choose to keep it. Check out Say's blog post regarding their experience when they tried using it again

5. Let the solution stay on your hair for 30 minutes

6. Rinse of and condition using the Silky Perfumed Treatment

7. Dry your hair up and see the results! (Pictures above are before and after. Sorry for the white covering my mouth. I ain't smiling and I look baaaad. Very baaad! It's the hair color you're looking at naman so nevermind that white cover.)

The Good Bits:

It is a complete coloring set in one box! The instructions are very easy to follow and the silky perfumed treatment really did make my hair smooth and silky after using it.

The Bad Bits: 

The cape is not too durable. Well, it's plastic. What can you expect? LOL And I hope they come in other colors. Of course it will leave your hair with a treatment scent you get in salons so that is already expected.


My hair before using the product. Need to have roots colored again. My hair grows really fast
My shoulders look sexaaaay! After using the product

My roots with color but not as strong as how the bottom part is

I like what it did to my hair and I really did choose the right color which will match my previous one so the color wasn't very crazy and outrageous at all. I recommend this to people who'd be coloring their hair for the first time. It will really do the job. That is why I am giving this a rating of 8/10. Decent and easy to use hair coloring product but I still hope it has a stronger formulation which will make my hair more sweet orange like the model in the box and the colors did not really held on to my roots much. Maybe because it's black and that's just how it reacts in black? :P


  1. wow kudos on doing your own hair!:) I'm still scared to do mine :(

  2. Ahh I should try this :) Thanks for sharing dear ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. wah i want to color my hair too hihi
    it looks nice on you :D

  4. I will definitely try this! I used to use Prettia bubble hair dye. It's good, but I need about 2 boxes to completely dye my hair. Each box is around 700, so masakit pa rin sa bulsa.. :( Glad Etude's is cheaper. Will have to look for a color similar to my previous hair dye.. ^^

  5. wow not bad! instant colour retouch!:)

  6. Awesome! Thanks for posting this! I'm gonna color my hair too soon for the first time. Looks good on you :D

  7. yay! galing ^^ i want to try hehe

  8. AMAZING!!!ganda sau girl!!:)LOVELOVE!:)

  9. it looked nice on you! great job! ^^

  10. Ooh mine came out like that too, darker on the roots but bright on the rest. Di kinaya ng bubble hair color ang natural blackness ng ating hair. Pero for its price, walang kokontra! :D

  11. I've always wanted to try this hair coloring from etude. But my problem is, i read lotsa reviews about this and i've noticed it does not cover all of the hair. Huhu.

    1. feel ko nasa proper distribution lang siya sa hair :)

  12. did you rinse off the treatment? or leave-on lang sya? thanks!


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