Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Do My Curls

I have been wanting to try the Bed Hair look and I've done my research in Youtube tutorials and such. There are several ways like sleeping while your hair is still wet, teasing your hair and many others. However, I actually want to sport the bed hair look at work and often times, I wake up late and I had to rush every morning. So I experimented a way on how I can make a successful bed hair look. Actually, I wasn't successful and it was a failed bed hair experiment but I managed to create a different look. I've managed to create curls!

People did take notice of my created curls. Even in the office, everyone asked me if I really had my hair permanently curled. I actually know how to curl my hair using a hair iron, but my prob is that I always wake up late. So little time to do my hair and makeup. So, let me share you this very easy way on how I do my curls whenever I feel like being curly in the office.

Things I Used:

1. Hair rubber bands (often called rio by Filipinos)
2. White Rain Volumizing Hair Mousse
3. White Rain Hairspray

How I Did It:
How your hair should look like after twirling and twisting 'em into a mini-bun
1. Apply mousse all over your hair
2. Grab a part of your hair (the thinner you make it, the better so it will take hold of the shape easier) and twist/twirl it. After twirling it, twist it again into a mini bun like and tie it using a hair rubber band
3. Sleep on it. The longer the hours, the better.
4. Take of the hair rubber bands and spread the strands of your hair
5. Use the hairspray all over the curls to help it stay longer

Close up shot of how the twirled, twisted and put my hair in a mini-bun
Easy as that. Imagine, after waking up, the only thing you need to do is remove the rubber bands and use a hair spray. That won't take more than 5 minutes of your time, actually. Everyone at work loved it and asked me how I did this, so I posted this for everyone to see and try.

Like what I've said awhile ago, I actually wanted the bed hair look but I cannot do the sleeping with my hair wet because my hair is naturally straight and shapes inwards. Whatever I do, my hair does that naturally. Some people actually wanted that kind of hair, and don't get me wrong, I do to. It's just that when I want something different done on my hair, it cannot be achieved easily because. So, I used the twisting and twirling on my hair to give it a bit of a curl, but I guess it did curl my hair well! :P

I think I'm gonna be active on trying out hair products too and doing hair styles. I get so bored with my hair easily but they grow really fast so I tend to have 'em cut often. And now, because I'm experimenting on hair styles, I guess I won't be having my hair cut often. 

Tell me, what kind of hair style would you like me to try on experimenting? Share your thoughts at the comments section below. Would you try this technique?

Till next post! ;)


  1. Nice, Gellie:) How timely! I'm about to post my no-heat wavy style, too, and I'm using the same mousse! Hihi

  2. I always use iron to curl my hair. using rios is a good way. thanks for the post :D gave me a good and safe idea


  3. This a new way to curl hair ah! :D I'll definitely give this a try soon since I don't want to subject my thinning hair to heat-styling tools. Thanks for sharing this! :D

  4. I also do that on my hair but I don't like the result, I ended up semi permanent wave

  5. Wow bongga naman hair mo! Love it!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. That's a new way of curling, definitely i'm gonna give this a try. :D

  7. The curls look so natural! Parang nagpaperm nga. Thank you for sharing this, Gellie! :)



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