Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Accessories from Hyphen Curiosities

Awesome Wednesday everyone! For this post, I would love to show you guys something which I received from Xend last night. I was actually having a bad day. I woke up late for work and had to file an undertime and then on my way to work, I accidentally tripped and broke the strap of my flipflops. Boo! ):

Never mind the bad vibes, I said! Because when I got to work, everyone was all smiles on me and work went well even though I've got loads of stuff to do. Nothing special actually happened yesterday and after having dinner, putting up my ELF Lash and Brow Mascara review, I was settled to play Sims3; but then my Lola went to our house and called me. She said that I have a package waiting to be received. It was quite late so I wasn't expecting anything anymore. But here comes Manong Xend carrying my good vibes package!

I already told you guys that I'm the first brand ambassador for Hyphen Curiosities, right? And because of that, E sent me some accessories to try on for my outfit posts! She knows my needs for good accessories. Finally! Thanks E! Hyphen Curiosities is heaven sent to me! I got an awesome necklace which has seemingly badges of some sort and leaves, a PEACE connector ring and an anchor and skull earrings. Aren't they just awesome?

Oh, and it doesn't end there. E sent me a surprise gift and it's a yellow belt. Very funky. I love it so much! Seems like E knows my taste.

Well, I have told you guys that I tend to dress very funky and spontaneous and crazy. So do give me suggestions as to how I can wear the necklace please. It looks really gorgeous, wouldn't you agree? Wait for my outfit posts as to where and when I'd be wearing them. It'll be something crazy and outrageous again, expect that!

Thank you so much E of and Hyphen Curiosities for these awesome stuff. Oh, and please don't forget to drop by their Multiply shop: and like them on Facebook:

Suggestions on how I can wear the necklace? Thanks! ;)


  1. Thanks for this Gellie! I'm sure you're going to rock these pieces! By the way, I'll be sending you an email. The second collection has arrived and of course, you get first dibs!

  2. Congrats for being a brand ambassador Gellie! You have lovely pieces of accessories.
    Add them to your outfit soon!

  3. Congratulations for the whole Brand Ambassador thing! Ikaw na! Naks :D

  4. long sleeved maroon sheer top and a flowy skirt (above the knee) with floral designs of a mix of grey, black and white(almost gradient) colours, nude strappy sexy heels. that's what i'd wear it with:)


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