Thursday, February 09, 2012

Let's Go Farther with F*ART

FART. You must be giggling right now. Well, it's not really FART as in literally, the gas coming out of your butt crack. F*ART actually, as in Fashion and ART. Pretty cool name, right? Last Saturday, February 4, 2012, I attended the F*ART party after receiving an email invitation from Viva Andrada, one of the two owners of this very cool store. There are two reasons why they threw a F*ART party: It's F*ART's 5th anniversary party and it also serves as Happy Andrada's send off party. Happy's the other owner of F*ART. Cool names, right? Viva and Happy.

F*ART is a store conceptualized by creative sister, Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada, who want to give space for Filipino talent to bloom and grow. Viva and Happy are amazed with what Filipinos can do. They believe in Filipino talent. They encourage others to be proud of what Filipinos can do. Since its onset in 2007, F*ART has consistently been a place where young, fast rising Filipino fashion designers and artists showcase the best of what they have to offer.

Commute going to F*ART wasn't very friendly; but once you're at the boutique already, it's definitely worth it. At the first floor, it's where Happy's designs and Viva's hand-made accessories are to be seen. From the stuff they sell to the wallpaper of the store, it's a haven for young fashion designers and artists to simply hang out and appreciate the great ambiance. The second floor houses Happy's other designs and the third floor is where all the partyin' happens!

I was really overwhelmed with Happy's designs. She even has gothic lolita designs. Those definitely made me drool! Did you know that Happy has bagged tons of achievements, already? She is the Philippine representative for Netherland Fashion ART exhibit, Animax featured designer in Singapore's Toy, Games & Comic Convention; Korea's International Fashion ART Event; Japan's Fashion Design Competition; winner of Swatch's Fashion Competition and awarded as Go Negosyo's Young Inspiring Filipino Entrepreneur. But it doesn't end there! Happy will be representing the country at Czech Republic's Style Competition in February, London's Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, both in April. Awesome, right? Kudos and Good luck Happy! :D

It was the first time I have experienced watching a poetry reading and reciting live. I felt the emotions and got goosebumps. Amazing. Aside from the poetry stuff, there was also some comedic and musical acts which I have definitely enjoyed. This is definitely an awesome event and when F*ART throws and invites me to another party, I'm sure to come.

Bianca and Alice. They must have smelled FART! Hehe :P

Kai, Alice and GELLEESH
Another reason why I had a blast is because I'm with my blogger friends (in order of appearance, haha!): Alice (, Kai (, Jen (, Rache (, Bec ( and Bianca ( I so loooooove these girls. I'm glad I met new and awesome friends through blogging.

With Happy and Viva - The Andrada Sisters
What do you think of the name F*ART? Hope you can try to visit it. It's all worth it, promise! Oh, and do check them out in the web at I guess this is it for now and till next blog post! ;)


  1. It was really great meeting you too! ^^, Can't wait for more events with you girls!! :D

  2. This was a really fun-looking event! Hopefully someday I'll be able to attend one :)

  3. You girls look so fab here.. :) I'd have to ask though, do you read it as fart or f-art?

    1. FART Fashion ART is how people usually say it. As in ganun kahaba.. Hehe :)

  4. Gellie, thank you so much for the fab blog post! We enjoyed celebrating with you! Hopefully you could come to our future events too. Oh, here's a short video of the event
    and a fun video
    (by Flip Productions)
    Enjoy! =)


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