Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cutey Charm Bracelet Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone! How are you all? I missed blogging BIG TIME. I brought my laptop in Cebu 'cos I thought I might be able to blog but it's been one helluva busy APPEND Summer Camp. I don't wanna talk about it in this post; but I will on my separate post all about my Cebu trip and experience. This is my first blog post after my trip and event from Cebu so bear with me guys if this will be a quick one. My legs and arms still hurt like hell.

So, the winner for the Cutey Charm Bracelet Giveaway is none other than:

Entry #: 1016 - Reina

She won via her Facebook LIKE in my Facebook Fan Page under the name: Reina Tee. Congrats Reina and thank you so much for joining my Cutey Charm Bracelet Giveaway. I'd be giving you a week to respond to this by sending me an email at: with your whole name / contact number / complete address so I can ship your charm bracelet as soon as possible.

BTW, I still have an on-going giveaway wherein I'd be giving away two loot bags which you'd surely love. Beauty loot bags to be specific. Click the link - - to check out that giveaway. I bet beauty bloggers would love to join it. Check the mechanics and you'll find out.

Gaaaah! I'm still a bit lazy to go put up a new blog post. I seriously need a massage and go to a spa. I'm just so exhausted; but it was just so worth it. Thanks to all my blogger friends and readers who have continuously been giving their support to my blog and for joining my giveaways. All of these would not have been possible if it weren't for you. And also to my lovely and awesome sponsors. Thanks for putting your trust in my blog. I hope that I've met your expectations.

Till next post! ;)


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