Monday, May 07, 2012

FOTD: Cats

I was in the wonderful city of Cebu last week. KMBI, the organization I work with, hosted this year's APPEND Summer Camp and of course, we were in charge of every last details even the entertainment part. I'm one of the chosen performers who would do CATS, an 80's dance and some interpretative dance for various religious songs. It was exhausting; but it was all worth it. I had loads of fun. Anyway, I would just want to share to you guys how I did my CATS makeup. RAWR!



- SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation (01)
- SanSan Pressed Powder (07)
- Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder (Sunblushed)
- SanSan Liquid Eyeliner (Black)


- Props Tools & Cosmetics Ultimate Palette Too
- Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto
- SanSan Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
- Allue Eyeliner Colour Session (Beatin' Black)


-SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation (01)
- SanSan Pressed Powder (07)
- SanSan Liquid Eyeliner (Black)


Using my Charm Pro Stippling Brush, I applied the SanSan Matte Finish Foundation (01) all over my face evenly. I applied a thick amount of this liquid foundation to give my face that white coverage needed for the cat look. Make sure you apply the liquid foundation on your lips and brows too. We need to start with a blank canvas here. Afterwards, I used the SanSan Pressed Powder (07) to set my foundation and to make it more whiter, since this shade still comes in white.

For the eyes, I used the Allue Eyeliner Colour Session (Beatin' Black) to make my brows. I made it thick and gave it a kicked upward just to give it a bit of a twist. Now, for my eye color, I applied the pink shade from my Props Tools & Cosmetics Ultimate Palette Too on my lids up to the crease and from the crease up to my brow bone, I applied the orange shade from the same palette. To give it a more cat-like look, I used the SanSan Liquid Eyeliner (Black) on my upper lid and gave my eyes an exaggerated long wing, lined it up to my outer tear duct (okay, I'm making up parts here; but if you don't understand what I'm talking about, hit me up at the comments section below so I can further explain) and made a fake tear of some sort to give emphasis on my tear duct. That's just how a cat's eye look. After that, I curled my lashes and used the Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto. I was suppose to wear fake lashes but I left my glue at home, so goodbye falsies!

For the finishing touches and my lips, I used the SanSan Liquid Eyeliner (Black) to give the bottom of my nose its black cat-like nose. I made a line from the middle of my nose up to the most bottom part of my upper lip and used the black liquid eyeliner to draw fake black thin lips on my upper lip and lower lip. Make sure to be careful and don't go lickin' your lips. Let it dry first. After all of that, I used the Clinique True Bronze Face Powder (Sunblushed) and made some triangular bronzed effect on my chin, cheekbone, on the side of my eyes and on my forehead. Then, I used the SanSan Liquid Eyeliner again to put some dots on my upper lip skin and the whiskers on my cheeks. Done!

Now pose and say RAWR! Hahaha! I actually enjoyed doing this makeup look. Be creative, be outrageous and be spontaneous. My cat makeup look is just simple. My co-perfomers' makeup were more crazy but they all look awesome. However, I wasn't able to do their makeup as I was busy with my own; nevertheless, we all had an awesome makeup look and an awesome performance. Kudos guys!

Tell me what you think of this cat makeup look? Would you love to give it a try? ;)


  1. Gellie: Rawring this summer! Ang cute lang babe~ =)

  2. Galing galing mo naman beb... musta cebu?

  3. heeee, kawaii~~ I'm shocked lol, it was niceeee

  4. great job with the makeup and pose dear! meowwww~

  5. your super talented talaga! I once had a similar makeup done by a gay officemate and well...I looked a cartoon tiger with melting makeup because I was sweating during the performance. Worst makeup experience! haha!

    1. Hehe. Buti hindi nag-melt yung makeup ko. Hehe. Used matte foundation din kasi para hindi siya sticky masyado. :D


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