Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme

Bad hair day? I have lots of them. You see, I'm a bit experimental with my hair. I've colored it myself, I've had it cut in different ways, I've had side swept bangs, full bangs and even no bangs at all. Hahaha! There were times when I said that I'd be taking care of my hair now by going to the salon regularly and giving it all the treatments it deserves; but I'm just so kuripot since hair treatments don't always come cheap. My hair needs help... Seriously!

BEFORE using Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme. Boo!
During the first Snoe Bloggers Party I was able to try out their Hair Heroes and I fell in love instantly! But you see, I didn't buy one immediately because (1) compared to other leave-on products it's kind of expensive and (2) I think I didn't need it. But as time goes by and as I continue on with my hair experimentation, I felt the need to call on a hero who would save me from my getting-often bad hair days. So I dropped by the Snoe Branch in SM Valenzuela and bought myself the Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme.

The Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme contains Emu and Acai which promises to save us from a bad hair day. The product comes in 250ml and is meant for distressed hair and scalp. Its active ingredients are Emu Oil, Acai Berry, Sun Flower Oil, PathenolPro-vit B5, Wheat Protein, Moringa Extract and Indiana Sena. Not familiar with the ingredients? You can always google them and you'd be surprised at the amazing things it can do to your hair.

The Good Bits:

My hair AFTER using Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme :)
Let's start of with the packaging. It's definitely catch! I mean HAIR HEROES - Saving you from a bad hair day. It's definitely a promise every girl needs. It comes in plastic bottle with a lockable pump so you can put it in your bag anytime without worrying if it would leak out or whatever. None of those caps wherein you'd be worried if it gets off and breaks. I love the coco butter with a whip of vanilla scent it has (well at least that's how I describe it). It promises to save us, girls, from a bad hair day and it really did save me! This product is so multi-purpose I almost did not believe it; but it doesn't lie. You see, I have really dry hair because of my own crazy experiments and it's just so unmanageable. Now, I can't believe how soft, silky and manageable my hair is now. Because of my dry hair too, I was starting to have split ends but after using Hair Heroes Extreme for a few weeks, I was able to say bye-bye to those split ends. And just like what I've said, it's multi-purpose because I can use it as a straightening balm too before I iron my hair. There was actually a time when I would iron my hair often and I didn't use any product to protect my hair from the heat of the iron. That's why I'm glad when I read that it can be used as a straightening balm.

It can be used as a cleansing conditioner, a deep treatment mask, a leave-on treatment and, again, a straightening balm. But I use it more often as a leave-on treatment since I'm always on-the-go. One pump is enough for my hair and then I massage it from my scalp to the ends and it leaves my hair manageable and moisturized almost the whole day. It's just so worth it.

The Bad Bits:

First of all, it's a bit expensive. It costs P499.00 per bottle; but don't look much on the price for it is all worth it. I promise. And, I hope it can come in a smaller bottle because I can't always carry this big baby with me all the time but I would want it to be a regular in whatever bag I bring.


It's an amazing product which promises a lot of things and never breaks them. I'm giving this product a rating of 10/10. I'm so buying another bottle once I finish this one out. It may be a bit expensive but it's just so worth it. Our hair protects our head from the heat of the sun and it's our crowning glory. Let's protect it and but it it's own hero - The Snoe Hair Heroes EXTREME! :)


  1. I am inlove with it! i can't sleep without it anymore.

  2. oh neat, that's awesome that the product is 10/10! I gotta keep an eye on it!

    1. it's available only in the philippines but they do sell online :)

  3. definitely one of my favorite hair products!

  4. sana may mabilhan ako na snoe malapit! kaso wala :(

  5. Hair Heroes is one of the nicest hair products I've used! Ganda ng result sa hair mo. :)

  6. How long have you been using this? :)How long will you see the total effects of it?

    1. I have actually been using it for almost a month now :)

  7. OMG! I NEED this product in my life!!!! thanks for sharing gellie. :)


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