Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NYC Liquid Lipshine in Fashion Ave Fuchsia

Here's a product I've been liking lately. Well, as I've told you before, I am not a fan of lip glosses; but every once in awhile, I would be using one when I feel like I'm in the mood to go glossy and shiny on my lips. Last time, I gave you guys my thoughts on the NYC Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss I got from All Glammed Up; and now, here's another product from NYC I thought you might be interested on knowing about.

"Have you heard the gossip? There's a new gloss in town! NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine is getting headlines with seriously high-drama color at a seriously low price. Pure pigment give a 3-D effect that's off-the-charts glossy. Tons of hot new shades, from preppy nudes to bold statement hues - all for less than your weekly fashion magazine." - www.newyorkcolor.com

The Good Bits:

There's nothing special about the packaging but it's decent enough to pass my taste. This product comes with a flat sponge tip applicator that's very easy to use. Just dip it in the product and swipe it on your lips. The applicator's very soft and gentle so no need to worry about harsh application. The scent is something to love about if you love scented cosmetics. It smells like vanilla. Oooh, heavenly. The pigmentation is awesome in this product. I love how with just one swipe, you can get so much color on your lips. Not only that, it can last really long; even after having a meal, you can still feel the glossy and moisturized effect of the product. It's not that sticky, like other glosses and it brags its vitamin E formula, which is the cause of its shine and moisturizing feel.

The Bad Bits:

Never use this when the temperature's high. It feels warm on your lips since it has a thick and creamy formulation. If you're not a fan of scented cosmetics, you won't be a big fan of this product. I love the vanilla scent, though; but not everyone's a fan of this.


It left my lips with a subtle pink lip color :)

Trying it out on top of my NYX Round Lipstick in Frappucino.
FOTD post, click THIS!

I would love to try out the other shades of this product. I'm just so amazed and in love with the pigmentation. But hey, even if the pigmentation looks very strong, how it will appear on your lips totally depends on how much you use on your lips. I prefer mine thin so it just gave me  subtle pink lip color. I tried using it on top of another lip color and it just felt too thick and creamy though it looks nice. I used it on top of my NYX Round Lipstick in Frappucino. I guess two creamy lip products combined isn't such a smart idea, huh? I'm giving this product a rating of 9/10. What do you think of this product? Would you like to give it a try? I haven't actually seen an NYC store here in the Philippines; but I got this one from All Glammed Up so, you might want to check them out for more US Branded Cosmetics.


  1. love the shade on you! blooming lang ;)

  2. Such a pretty shade that brightens the face. Bagay. :)

  3. Love the shade! It really brightened your whole face.. :D I'll try to get a hold of this too! <3

    1. I feel like I'm a few years younger because of the shade. Hehe :)

  4. great color:D


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