Thursday, July 05, 2012

Let's Take Care of our Feet

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We have constantly been talking about taking care of our skin, using stuff with SPF content to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, using the right moisturizer, makeup shade and stuff like that; but have we ever paused for awhile, sat down and thought about what our feet are feeling? If only our feet could talk they might have already blurted out every single curses invented in different languages, I mean, come on, we tire them every day with our seemingly endless walks and trips or whatever and yet, they're one of the most taken for granted parts of our body.

This blog post is a tribute to our poor old feet who have tirelessly supported our weight, took us anywhere we wish to go and never said a word. So let me give you some tips, which could make a pair of happy feet:

1. Wash Your Feet

Honestly, it's pretty basic; but hey don't just pour some water and wag 'em. You need to actually scrub your feet and even in between your toes where those nasty bacteria and fungi may have been hiding. I bet you wouldn't want to have a pair of smelly feet, eh? Well if you don't want that to happen, regularly wash your feet. It's simple and yet some people tend to forget this.

2. Dry Your Feet

Give some time and attention into drying your feet. Grab a dry towel and make sure to gently dry it up so that the fungi and bacteria won't live on your feet and in between your toes like mushroom growing on an old moist tree bark. Leaving your feet wet may give you some of those unwanted mushrooms aka bacteria. 

3. Moisturize 'em

Well, it's not just the face or body that needs moisturizing. Our feet needs to be moisturized too, you know! You wouldn't want your feet looking dried up with cracking heels and once you scratch your feet, prepare to see a white scratch remnant. You can even write your name on your feet. Hahaha! Yes, it's funny but your feet's not laughing. Make it a habit to use a lotion for your feet after taking a bath. I'm actually in love with two feet lotions as of the moment, which you might want to check out and try: NannyRose Foot Salve and the Saizen Foot Lotion in Peppermint. Another tip, especially for those who have dry feet problem, is to apply lotion on your feet before going to sleep and wear cotton socks to lock in the moisture over night; but please avoid putting lotion in between your toes as it may attract those nasty mushrooms.. errr... I mean, bacteria.

4. Take Care of those Nails

Get a pedi, girl! Well, it would be nice to get your pedi at a nail salon; but it's not actually a necessity to get it there. You may just cut your nails and use a cuticle remover by yourself. A tip for you self-pedi people, please do cut your nails in a square shape to avoid getting ingrown nails. I bet some of you have felt how irritating it is to have ingrown nails and you wouldn't want to have 'em, right?

5. Shoes and Slippers

You don't need to buy expensive shoes and slippers just to help your feet feel comfy and all. There are tons of inexpensive shoes and slippers out there, which you may opt to buy. Just make sure that it fits your feet perfectly. It shouldn't be too tight to avoid those ugly callouses from popping on your feet or toes. For your slippers, make sure they can house your feet perfectly so that it can properly protect your feet from direct contact with those bacteria living on the dirty floor or cement floor.

Isn't taking care of your feet, easy? You just need to give time and effort and remember to never take 'em for granted. You don't want your feet walking away from you, eh? Well, if you don't want that to happen, take care of 'em and make them happy. You may want to follow the tips I gave you and if you've got additional tips, don't hesitate to share 'em at the comments section below for everyone to read.


  1. Really great post! I just came across your blog, it's adorable!

  2. Never thought that a foot mousturizer exist! Sooo cool.:)

  3. I really need to take more care of my feet! Your post reminded me ;P

  4. aww cute! foot photo! damn i need a pedi. -LovingSunshine

  5. The feet are usually taken forgranted and it's time that we create awareness in taking care of the feet too. I usually elevate my feet every night while watching tv and I also always make sure to wear properly fitted footwear. That's the least i can do for my own two feet.


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