Monday, February 04, 2013

A Little Updating on Our Makeup Stash, Shall We?

Okay, so every single fashion blogger has announced that EMERALD was hailed as the color of the year by PANTONE, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. Some people may have gone gaga over wearing something emerald or just adding a touch of it in their everyday clothes or look. Well, you know me; I’m not the kind who follows the trend or whatever unless it personally pleases me and often times, what personally pleases me does not please most people. Hahaha! Oh well, it’s called individuality. However, when Virginia Olsen sent me an email regarding the official Spring Colors of 2013, I just had to pause and admire the beauty of what Virginia Olsen has got in store for all you trendy gays and gals!

Now’s the time to throw away your expired makeup and replace them with new ones; but don’t forget to drop by for some of the replacements, kk? You see, Virginia Olsen provides high pigmentation while being safe and suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth and talc free and pure mineral make-up. Now doesn’t that sound just nice? You know I’ve tried using Virginia Olsen before and boy, it did satisfy me! I’m thinking of buying new stuff from them soon but you know... PRIORITIES first as of now; but soon, I mean, I need to update my makeup stash too!

For the year 2013, summer-loving chic goddesses would love to give the shades Summer Sun, Festival and Chartreuse a try. If you’re like me, bold and adventurous, then maybe you should give Jirbie, Solar Flare and Donnarence a go! But for those prim and proper ladies who is into the more subtle beauty and elegance (Oy, I can be like this too! LOL), you may opt to try Green Pearl, Purple Unicorn, Moonlight Star and Blue Eyeliner. I actually want a bit of each style so I’m still confused as to what I’d be purchasing. Well, come on, with all these beautiful colors, who wouldn’t be right?

Here’s more, a little goes a long way with the Virginia Olsen eyeshadows and for only PhP150.00 you get affordable, highly pigmented and gorgeous colors fit for you and would surely release your inner goddess. I don’t know about you but putting makeup on releases the inner goddess in me. Come on, it’s not about being insecure on how you look; you know our love for makeup is different. It’s about self-expression and releasing the REAL you through your makeup, right?

And while we’re being bombarded with all these new trends, Virginia Olsen reminds us, through their spring colors, that no matter what happens and where we go, we should always stay true to who we really are. Be the best version of yourself and release the real you through your makeup. Don’t let the negativity sip into your system. Shit happens, man. Just deal with it, solve it and move on. That’s all we can do. So before I end this post, let me leave you with this song from Jessie J, which just really caught my heart, Who You Are:

Don’t lose it all in the blur of the stars...

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  1. Lovely warm colors! All suited to me as I fall on Warm tone.

    Clothingloves for Love Month @ IamJenniya

  2. ohhhh the colors are so pretty!! i love emerald hahha the funny thing is that i always think emerald is more appropriate for winter and christmas time so i wore it a lot during the holidays :p even though that's "technically" before 2013 hahaha!

  3. Lovely colors! Ang ganda talaga ng pigments ng Virginia Olsen :) Cant wait to see more looks from you, Gellie!

    1. Will try to do more FOTD posts soon. Been very busy lang xD


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