Sunday, February 03, 2013

A New Brenda in my Life

It was a beautiful Sunday morning... Okay, fine. It was noon and my sister called me up for lunch and, well, I went down joined my family for lunch and after the awesome Tinolang Manok meal, I’ve decided to go back up to my room and watch some movies and shits. But when I was about to go up, I noticed an LBC package at the stairs. I don’t want to be all pakielamera so I just looked at it from a different angle to find out who it is for; then I noticed it’s for someone named Gellie Ortiz-Abogado. Wait a minute... WAIT A FREAKIN’ MINUTE... That is me! Why didn’t they tell me? Man. I ripped it open and guess what it was...

Yeah, I blurred the size, man. LOL
I received a Brenda Brassiere from Avon Fashions Shapemakers PLUS. It’s a surprise for me. I never expect to win because I joined the Facebook contest on the last day and, you know, just for the sake of filling up the shits because I might get lucky. Well I got lucky and I got a new pair of bra! Awesome, man! But I already have this design! Hahaha! But it was all cool. I mean, it’s not that people would actually look inside my shirt and say, “Oh you wore this bra yesterday! BRA REPEATER!” You won’t get that. And just to be safe, I won’t wear ‘em to two consecutive days. Hahaha! Anyway, this just means that I’m a loyal Avon bra buyer! Hooray, right?

Floral prints are <3
What I like about Avon bras is that they’re inexpensive, very comfortable and they can really hold my boobies. Okay, since most of my readers are girls, might as well discuss about my bra problems. Well, as some of you may have noticed, I have, err, big boobs and because I’m plus-size as well, looking for a good pair of bra is kind of a struggle. Good thing, though, there is Avon. I never had to go through the hard process of fitting and stuff and then asking for the next size... LOL. My first pair of bra was from Avon, if I remember that right. Mom was a frequent Avon buyer so there!

So, before I go end this post, I would just want to say thank you to Avon for hosting the Free 35 Brassieres Daily Promo. Happy 35th Anniversary to you guys and keep empowering the female micro entrepreneurs who have been part of your great success!

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  1. Congratulations, Gellie! That is so true... nobody would peak into your top to check if you wore the bra for two consecutive days. :)

  2. Congratulations, Gellie! :) This is a super nice surprise from Avon!

  3. Congrats! I didn't win but my mother & our helper did. I was the one who encouraged them to join though. huhuhuhu. My luck was extinguished by them. Hope I got lucky next time. ^__^

  4. Oh my. I need to shop for new bras! I remember for the longest time Avon was the only brand I could wear!

  5. congrats gellie! and thanks for your sweet comment! this is such a sweet surprise. what's not to love about a free brassiere,right?


  6. I won the same bra too! I found Brenda to be so comfy :)

    The Kikay Mom


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