Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Boring Evening I Went Online Window Shopping

One boring evening, I decided to just browse on some stuff online. I visited to get some good laughs, stalked some of my crush’s Facebook Profile (Bwahahaha!) and visited some online shopping sites like I have heard of Zalora through some of my blogger friends so I tried visiting the website to see what they’ve got in hopes that I’d find something interesting. Although my current mode is: “Save Mode: ON” I’m gonna save the links of the stuff I might buy from the website soon! Well, to keep track of ‘em as well and to serve as my online wish list of some sort too, let me share with you the stuff I loved while browsing through Zalora.
First up is this Infinity Pants from My Curves. Honestly, I only have one pair of pants from Guess. I’m fond of wearing skirts and shorts but I think I need to stack up on some good and trusty pants too because you can’t always wear skirts and shorts especially that my day job is overly conservative. So this one is kind of a necessity thus it holds the number one spot. I love its color as it can be paired with almost anything, right?
My second choice is this Kaftan Blouse, still from My Curves. It’s very subtle, simple and elegant. I can wear it at work or on a unexpected party I need to attend to or on a date. What do you think? I feel like it would look really nice paired with the Infinity Pants and then a good pair of wedges. Now, all I need is the perfect man to date and I’m all set for the V-Day! Hahahaha!
And speaking of wedges, this nice and simple pair of wedges from Koumi Koumi really caught my attention. I have a pair of black wedges and it wouldn’t hurt to have another pair but this time in nude. It can go well with my (soon) Infinity Pants and (soon) Kaftan Blouse. My fashion sense has become a bit subtle now, don’t you think? Am I getting less adventurous and OLD? Ohnooooes!
Now, everyone in the fashion blogosphere has a mullet skirt. I’ve been wanting to buy one but my eyes would always set on something else, so I never got the opportunity to buy one. Now this mullet skirt, named Hannah Skirt, from My Curves seem to be the perfect mullet skirt for me. Oh my, I think I’m so late into owning a mullet skirt. Talk about major fashion delay on my part.
And last, but not the least, I need my own LBD. Well I’m not talking about a Little Black Dress but a Lacy Black Dress! Haha! Gotcha! Yeah, this Lace Overlay Chiffon Sleeves Shift Dress from Love Curves Clothing by JGO just caught my attention! I love laces and chiffons and I’ve wished that one day I’d find something, which might look good on me and I am very much hoping that this is it. What do you think?

Fashion, for me, is SELF-EXPRESSION. I don’t know how many times I have said that but it’s what I believe in. Fashion, just like makeup, is an art for me. It’s how I can show people who I am. Being plus size has limited me into expressing myself via fashion, but I’m glad that plus size brands have slowly been coming out, which gives plus size women a choice and finally be fashionable in their own unique way. And, of course, as crazy as it may seem, I actually thought Zalora only caters to the slimmer girls so it’s really awesome that they also carry fashionable pieces and brands for us, plus size girls.

Stay beautiful and fashionable, ladies! Tell me your own Zalora picks at the comments section below. Go visit now and btw, HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY to ZALORA


  1. THE items are cute! and yes, it wouldn't hurt to have another pair of wedges ;)

  2. Love your window shopping list! I especially love the pants and the shoes~ <3 Anyway, I haven't bought anything through Zalora yet, but I share quite the same routine when I'm online. 9gag, Facebook stalking, then bookmarking things I'd love to buy from online shops. Haha :D

    The Purple Doll

  3. I think I need a LBD too. Lacy black dress in deed. Hihi

  4. i love your picks so cute :)!! i need a LBD too!! it's so funny it's so basic and it's so hard to find a good one :p


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