Sunday, May 05, 2013

I'm Hoping to See you at the Erzullie Pop Shop!

Bazaars – It has become quite the trend nowadays and some people would really rather wait for an upcoming one and go straight to bazaars for their stuff rather than take a trip to the mall where stuff can sometimes be a bit overpriced. I have been to bazaars countless times and I must say that I do enjoy shopping in one than going to a mall. Hahaha!

Now when Erzullie informed me about this POP SHOP they’d be having, I was like... “What is a POP SHOP and what is the difference between a bazaar and a pop shop?” Well here’s the answer because I know you’re all itching to know what it is.

POP SHOP - A temporary store open to the public by which a designer/brand invites customers at a specific place and range of time to meet up. It's a very limited engagement which gives the customers a chance to fit and purchase a designer/brand's clothing line. It's like a bazaar only with one brand showing!

Although one of the reasons why I love going to bazaars is the variety of stuff you can see and buy, a pop shop would be very ideal because you’d only go there to shop for one thing so you won’t really be doing any unnecessary purchases of stuff you might regret buying afterwards. So to all my gorgeous plus size readers out there, Erzullie is inviting you to their POP SHOP this coming May 18, 2013, Saturday (6:00-9:00 PM) at the Caffeccino Function room in Eastwood City. They’d be having sizes from L-4L and some styles would even go up to 5L and 6L so we can all look gorgeous no matter what our size or shape is!

Oh wait that’s not all! This event is open to the public so no need to register plus you’d get up to 50% off on selected items, free personal shopper services and get to interact with the designers about the collection and other plus size fashion requests. Isn’t that amazing?

Well I’m hoping to see you there because I MIGHT BE THERE will just have to check and clear my schedule. I’m actually not buying much makeup stuff these past few days but buying more fashion-related stuff so this is such a sweet treat for me!

Till next post!


  1. Hi Gel dear! Hmmm I'll check and see if I can go there. Will mark it on my calendar. Mas malapit na ko nakatira near eastwood.. :D hehe.

  2. sis ang cute ng profile pic mo hehe <3

  3. hi, you might wanna check out some fabulous fashionable pieces at


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