Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Spontaneous Sunday: Getting a New Tattoo

I just had my second tattoo last Sunday and it was, again, a totally spontaneous decision.

It was just an ordinary Sunday and I was just at home, listening to some good music and then I received a text message from one of my best buds which eventually turned into a conversation about getting a tattoo and how he’s in the mood to have one that day. So I was like, “Let’s go! I will just take a bath, be there in less than an hour.

So my friend and I met up in Monumento and decided to check out some tattoo shops around Recto. We took the LRT and got off at Doroteo Jose station. I’m not a frequent goer of Recto so I really do not have any idea where we can possibly find a good tattoo shop; but my friend frequents the place for his art stuff and cheap finds so I totally trust this man! We actually just searched Recto for the cheapest and most decent looking tattoo shop and finally came to Sub Tattoo Shop.

My friend's first tattoo :)
The place was clean and decent so my friend and I never had any second thoughts. The tattoo artist who did our tattoo was Carlo he gave us a sweet deal we couldn’t resist. My friend went first. As he was having his arm band tattoo done, we were watching Men in Black III. Oh yeah! Just a little fact: It was actually my friend’s first tattoo and he had a thick arm band on his arm. Hahaha! He’s one tough cookie I suppose!

Photo of my tattoo from Sub Tattoo's Facebook Page
Now for my tattoo, I had choices but then settled with a Swallow bird on the left side of my nape almost extending to the side of my neck and at the back of my shoulder. Now, to answer the age old question: why a swallow bird?

At first I didn’t know what a Swallow Bird tattoo might mean. Dave just showed it to me weeks ago even before the day I decided to get it. I just thought it looked cute. But then I wouldn’t want something tattooed on me that just look cute. So I searched for the meaning of why people get it so that I can justify why I would want this done and here’s what really caught my attention:

A swallow bird is a bird that chooses a mate for life and will only nest with that mate. Egyptian love poetry declares the meaning of a swallow bird tattoo to be the dawn of a new love.

Okay, so I’m single now but this is how, ideally, I would want my love to be. Not just my own but that of my future partner. After finally ending a relationship late last year (okay I’m getting a bit personal about stuff now), I felt like I was free as a bird and after resting my heart for a few months, I feel like I’m ready to go out again and just date people. No commitments yet just go out and meet new and interesting people. Hence, that’s what I’m doing. I have to be smarter in love if I want it to last like that of a swallow bird’s and may this tattoo on my neck be a reminder of what I want to be and what I want to have.

That sounded totally cheesy but exactly what I feel.

Another question you might ask: did it hurt?

Well, unlike the one on my wrist, this kind of hurt more. The outlining was okay but when the shading part came, my feet was kicking a bit and I can feel the pain more but I was able to tolerate it so it’s all good! I’m good!

After getting my tattoo done, Carlo gave Dave a few reminders and since this is my second ink, he knows I kind of know now how to deal with this so, yeah, I’m good.

So if you’re looking for a good tattoo shop (no, I’m not promoting but more of recommending because I’m satisfied with my tattoo), you might want to give Sub Tattoo a try. You can visit their Facebook page for more details by clicking HERE.

P.S. I kind of have an idea now for my third tattoo so if you want me to accompany you there, just tell me ‘cos I might, impulsively, have my third one too. Hahahaha! 


  1. OMG! that's insane!! that's so pretty i love the bird! looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Omg. You're so brave. I've been wanting to have a tattoo also but boyf doesn't want me to -_- If ever I plan to have one on my nape and I want it to be a crown. :D I'm honestly afraid of birds but your tat is cute and nicely done. ;)

    1. I'd also want a crown! I can have it probably on top of my first tattoo sa wrist. But if ever Id have that I want it solid black so probably it would be a bit painful than my first tattoo sa wrist.

      Well, sayang naman. Maybe you can talk your bf into letting you get kahit one lang. Hehe. I'm planning on my third one na actually. :)

  3. wow! To do this on just a spontaneous thought is just jaw-dropping to me. I have been contemplating a tiny tattoo on my hipbone... for like 15 years. It looks good!


  4. Cool! I've always wanted a tatoo.

  5. Looks good, I'm too chicken to get a tattoo...guess I'll have to stick with the instant ones...

    1. Thanks Emma! Took a lot of courage to have this done as well :)


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