Friday, June 28, 2013

Cheers to Good Times and Good Friends

And as our lives change, come whatever. We will still be friends forever…

It was an eventful week and I treasure every bit of it. I have spent almost my whole week hanging out with high school friends and I must say, it was one of the most awesome weeks I’ve had this year. Hello 2013! Saying that my June will be great was an understatement. My June is so fuckin’ fantabulously crazy AWESOME and WONDERFUL. Posts like this should go straight to my personal blog – But this is just too awesome to conceal.

Celine ( was one of my freshman high school buddies. And as some of you may have known, I have mentioned her like a gazillion times in my many blog posts because it was her who introduced me to makeup and blogging. She is part of what So Gelleesh is right now and I will always be thankful for that. Celine is currently on a vacation here in the Philippines and I’m happy that I got to spend almost the whole last week with her. So that is actually the reason why I wasn’t able to blog for the whole week. It was totally HER FAULT! Hahaha! Kidding aside, it was a week-long blogging hiatus worth doing.
On her last years in our high school, she had a new set group of friends but the friendship dwelling withi our souls never left. As a matter of fact, it was the first time that I have bonded with our high school batchmates, Elysa and Angela. They’re awesome, actually. We clicked in just a snap. Now I know why Celine are friends with them. That’s when I claimed them to be part of my circle now. 

(L-R) Angela, Elai, GELLEESH, Celine)

Hello there, mojito baby!
Monday (June 17, 2013): It was the bottomless mojito night that gave me a hangover the next day. But I still went to work. One dose of biogesic plenty of fluids helped me get through my Tuesday. We talked, caught up with each other’s lives and planned our activities for the week.

(L-R) Celine, Felix, GELLEESH, Angela, Angela's boyfriend (forgot his name. Grrr)
Thursday (June 20, 2013): Sleep over at Celine’s aunt’s condo near SM North. But before that we met Angela’s boyfriend and, finally, one of our high school buddies, Felix or as what I call him now, Daddy El. Hahaha! We had beers at Chuck's Grub in SM North and then went to Cel's aunt's condo afterwards.  This actually sucks… I slept early while Celine, Angela and Elai were up till 3AM. I WAS EXHAUSTED. SORRY, GIRLS! Hahaha!

Friday (June 21, 2013): We met up with Celine’s cousin, who is also one of high school buddies, Carlo. But boo! He went home early. Boo! So, Elai, Cel and I went to Padi’s Point in SM North because Celine wanted the cocktail towers! Felix came but booze was almost out and it was gettin’ late so we opted to continue our session the next day. Oh and Cel needs to get home early as she will pick up the boyfie from the airport. Yey, we’re meeting Luke, Cel’s boyfie!

Oh, hello Amazing Aloha!
 Saturday (June 22, 2013): I met up with Kirby after my dentist appointment at SM North and we bought rum for the night at Celine’s place. Oh, and while waiting for Elai (we’d meet her first as we’d go to Cel’s place together), I dragged Kirby to Jollibee to try out the legendary Amazing Aloha (Haha) and we had Wintermelon at GongCha afterwards. Sat night was full of fun and looking back on our high school life. Too bad Angela can’t make it. We were able to meet Luke for the first time here. Hello Luke! We slept around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Elai, GELLEESH, Celine (And Felix's eye ovaaar thuuur)
Felix, Elai, Celine, Luke (Hello Luke!) Kirby and GELLEESH
Luke, Celine and Felix
The swag pedicab ride with Felix and Kirby
 Sunday (June 23, 2013): Pig out day at Celine’s place and we taught Luke how to eat with his hands - FILIPINO STYLE, yow. We just laughed, talked and ate the whole day. Hahaha!  We left Cel’s place at around 4 in the afternoon, I think. And Kirby rode the pedicab with me going to my place. Yeah, swag ride! And he went home after a few minutes of hi’s and hello’s with some of my family members.

To Celine,

I hope you enjoyed your vacation here in the Philippines. I know I’d miss you again loads but we can always Skype, Viber or whatever ANYTIME! Thanks for being part of my “awesome friends” list and even though we’re like countries apart (aww) you know that I’d always be one message away thanks to the amazing internet. The opportunities I’ve been getting were partly thanks to you. ALAM MO YAN! I was never good at putting makeup on but those long hours of Skyping has paved way to the beauty blogger in me.

I hope to see you again and maybe, who knows, I’d visit you naman next. We may not be at each other's side in times na kailangan natin ng kaibigan na masasandalan, but in spirit, you know I'd always be here. Viber-viber lang if you need me! Good luck with life, love life and career. See you again, not soon, but I’d definitely see you again. I LOVE YOU, CEL!

 Till next post! Honestly, I’m a bit teary-eyed now while writing this so there...


  1. aWww! I miss my barkadas too! I haven't seen them for months now :( So happy for you as you were able to spend time with them :)

    I've been dying to try a mojito. curious :D

    1. Go try. They have unlimited mojito in Friday's (Trinoma) although not too much. I got tipsy on my 6th or 7th glass was it? lol

  2. awww, this post reminds me of my HS friends and all those good times we spend! I bet all these lovely photos would be very memorable to you and your friends =)

    1. i was going to say the same thing. this made me miss my old friends. its nice to see you girls having fun. me and my best friends rarely see each other because we now live far from each other :)

    2. @Janet - I know I'd miss my HS friends. It's fun to reminisce yung good moments namin together :)

      @Shayne - Thanks Shayne. So sad na one of my high school friends, Celine, is going back to the US soon :(


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