Saturday, November 23, 2013

SanSan Cheek Blusher in Rosy Blush

Because of my very busy schedule at work, I no longer have the luxury of time to put much makeup on so I kind of need to stick to the basic. Foundation, a bit of concealer (if needed), brows pencil, brow mascara, eyelash mascara, lip color and blush. I wasn’t a big fan of blushes, actually. I mean, it’s the least I think of when I put my makeup on because I thought it didn’t make much difference; hence there would be times when I’d look pale or dull; hence I realized how a good blush should be part of the “basic.

I’ve had the SanSan Cheek Blusher in Rosy Blush in my makeup stash for quite some time but haven’t opened it yet because I’m in love with my current Clinique blush; but since I just the hit the pan of my Clinique blush, I needed to find a new blush and when I checked my makeup stash, hello, SanSan!

The Good Bits:

The packaging for this product is something I can consider as average. There’s nothing totally inconvenient with it but there’s nothing really superbly amazing so let’s just put it here. The packaging is made out of plastic and you can easily the shade through its clear front cover. 

When I used the brush included in this blush and swatched in on my arm, the pigmentation wasn’t so great; but when I used it on my cheeks using my Charm blush brush, I was amazed at how the blush actually grabbed on to the brush, which made me a bit scared because it might come off to strong on my cheeks. So I tapped some of the blush off of the brush and swiped on to my cheeks and voila! I love the pigmentation long as don’t swipe it too hard on the product, okay? We are aiming for a subtle rosy blush on our face not a clown-ish sort of blush.

Shimmers? Well I’m not a big fan so thank God, that although it looks shimmery just by looking at the product itself, the shimmers aren’t even very obvious upon application.
It’s a local brand, inexpensive (I think it’s about a hundred bucks or something), contains SPF15 and has vitamins A, C and E.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging can be a bit fragile so better be careful. And although I appreciate the brush included in this blush, it isn’t very useful. Better stick to your own blush brush, I say! It’s a bit powdery and can, sometimes, be a bit messy to use.


I approve of this product, definitely. I am giving it a rating of 7/10. This may not be one of those products that amazed me, but it’s decent enough to be included in my makeup pouch and be part of my basic makeup products for everyday use. Yes, currently, this is the blush I have been using. So, when you see me one of these days, just keep in mind that I have the SanSan Cheek Blusher in Rosy Blush on my face!


  1. Love the peachy pink color on my blushes too. It's perfect for morena skin.

  2. I am looking for shades of blushes that suits for morena. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. This is my current fave blush!!

  4. Magkabaliktad tayo! XD I consider blush as one of the most important parts on my makeup routine. I feel like I look sick kasi when I don't have any blusher on. Anyway, I haven't tried blushes from SanSan yet, but this looks like something I'd get. I love peachy blushers! <3

    1. Blush is actually one of the things I forget dati when I apply makeup. Hehe. You should give SanSan a try! They're very inexpensive and good quality product pa! :)


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