Sunday, November 24, 2013

Superb Sunday at the Global Pinoy Bazaar and What Happened After

November 24, 2013 – The last day of the Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell tent organized by Yabang Pinoy. It is an annual bazaar showcasing Philippine-made products from beauty to fashion and food and many more. As a Philippine-made products advocate, I would, definitely, not want to miss this bazaar. So, I woke up at around 8AM, put a casual outfit on and took the cab till Galleria to meet up with a friend. We decided to go to the bazaar together and hangout afterwards. It was a Sunday well spent!

First stop was straight to the Erzullie booth. Erzullie is a plus-size clothing brand, which I have been supporting and blogging about for almost two years, I guess? I haven’t seen Aries and Berna for quite awhile so I was super excited to drop by the Erzullie booth and buy something I need (preferably, something I can wear at work). I felt like a super-sized Barbie doll that day while I was at the Erzullie booth. They made me try various accessories (from other brands) and clothes, which they think, will look good on me. Every single time I would see myself in the mirror it amazes me how their clothes just made me look... Hot! Hahaha! I just bought a *toot* (to be revealed soon) but will buy more by December as I am still contemplating on what my necessities are, first. Thanks, Aries, Berna and Apple for treating me like a gorgeous plus size Barbie doll that day!

So, we proceeded into checking out more of the bazaar and it just pains me to see how there are so many amazing products from the Philippines yet some people would still go for the international brands. I mean, don’t get me wrong because I’ve had my fair share of foreign brands, but as much as I can, I still stick with the locally branded ones. I wasn’t able to take much pictures but here are some of the brands that caught my attention (Actually, I was already freakishly hungry so I wasn’t able to take pictures of all the booth. Haven’t had breakfast and lunch when I went there, so let me be forgiven).

There is Poppy Red, which I took a picture of because I’d be checking out their online shop soon. I adore their flats and oxfords.

Flipped Out Cockatoos is a pretty interesting name for a brand of bags and shoes. They were made from Marikina so trust that quality is good. I’m eyeing the boots with studs, what do you think? Can I pull it off?

Another booth, which totally amazed me, is Manic Vintage. They sell sleep wears, which are too cool to be worn only when you go to slumber. I am planning on buying some clothes from them and, eventually, wearing them out. Yes, I’m going to wear some sleep wear for a casual day out. Just look at the prints? Do they look like they’re a bunch of sleep wears?

TMS caught JR’s attention, actually. I just had to take a picture because I know he’d really like it. I kind of want to buy a tee from them too, soon. I need a wardrobe makeover soon. A lot of my clothes do not fit me anymore. Well, it’s because I am losing more weight. Yey!

My arm is the lighter one. FYI. Hehehe!

OOTD: DLSU shirt, Solita shorts (yes, I have shorts! LOL), Fioni Boots from Payless and Heartstrings bag

Just because this shot makes my legs look longer! LOL
So, in the end, I was only able to buy a *toot* (hold your horses! You’d see it in an OOTD post soon!) from Erzullie and some chocolate bars from Theo & Philo.

These shots are all taken from my phone and can be seen in my Instagram (@gelleesh) account 
After checking out the booth and brands in the bazaar, we went for lunch – Chinese food style. And decided to drive to Starbucks Corinthian Hills branch and watch Before Midnight while drinking coffee and puffing some smoke. I had to calm him down during the climax of the movie, though. He wants to react to the argument between Celine and Jesse. I was like, “calm down, it’s a movie. Let’s discuss stuff about it afterwards okay?” So after watching, we had a good discussion about the things that were tackled in the movie like how women and men think and act, why it’s inevitable and all those shit. It’s actually nice to be able to hang out with someone whom you can just talk to about anything and would join you in contemplating about random things in life.

My purchases! :)
Fun day, indeed!


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