Monday, November 18, 2013

The ONLINE REVOLUTION We Have All Been Waiting For

Would it make me so much of a loser if I tell you that the internet is kind of like my second home?

From writing online (duh, blogging) to meeting new friends via chatting and meeting old and new friends, thanks to the power of social media, the internet has become a regular hangout (if this would be a physical place it’s probably how I’d call it) to most people. But, hey, it’s not just about connecting and socializing, because there is also the sudden influx of shopping online. Yes, online shopping, my dear friends, is one of the latest and booming trends that have been happening in the internet. And although it still has its own pros and cons, it’s here to stay ‘cos it spells technological progression.

One of the most awesome e-commerce sites I frequent is I remember how fast their reply was whenever I’d be inquiring event about the most minute thing and how my package didn’t arrive on the said date but, actually, even EARLIER! Can you believe that? Plus, I love how they have a wide variety of choices when it comes to clothes, shoes and everything else a girl, like me, would look and crave for while shopping.

And because Zalora is that awesome, they want to make things even more AWESOME for us because they are launching: THE ONLINE REVOLUTION.

Okay, so what is the ONLINE REVOLUTION, you ask?

You know how other countries have these Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales once the Holiday season sips in? Well, this is just what it’s all about. Oh, I know, you’re getting all excited now because, seriously, what kind of girl hates that four letter word: S-A-L-E!

How to take advantage of the ONLINE REVOLUTION?

Just use the voucher code: ONLINE and get 10% off your purchases in

And a special treat to all VISA credit card holders! Just type in the voucher code: VISAONLINE to get 15% off your purchase plus P300 cash back if you, actually, use your VISA credit card to pay for the purchase. 

Now tell me, isn’t that amazing or what?

The ONLINE REVOLUTION started last November 11, actually, (wasn’t able to share with you guys the good news early because of my effed up schedule and stressed after-work feeling) until the December 12, 2013. And wait, it doesn’t stop there! Zalora has also partnered up with two more big e-commerce site – Lazada and A-Deals.

For more information regarding this online event, you may visit

Online shopping was able to give me that comfort of not asking for the biggest size in the store (although it doesn’t happen anymore since I lost weight), it’s still one of the things that pushed me to go and try out online shopping. Eventually, I got hooked and here I am, telling y’all how excited I am for the ONLINE REVOLUTION. Can you believe that?


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