Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Achieving that Sexy Beach Wave Hair

I am not the kind who dreams of having that overly rebonded straight hair. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those who prefer that, but there’s something sexy about that beach wave (or any kind of waves, I just prefer beach waves) hair paired with our natural Filipina morena skin tone.

For the longest time, I have been stuck with just drying my hair and using Argan oil to keep it moisturized. That’s it! But recently, I have been venturing with different hair styles and, yes, I think it’s pretty obvious how I have chosen, as my new signature style, this wavy hair look.

Plan A

Big curls/waves from my Plan A
I wake up super early. So after my shower, I dry my hair up (it’s taking ages so I’d be often late for work. GRRR), but still a bit moist, tie it up in a bun and proceed with my other activities – breakfast, brush my teeth then makeup. But this is where the problem lies: Once I get out of the house and ride the jeep then the bus (or cab most of the time… Okay, like 98% of the time), the second I get at the office, my hair’s straight again. Some of you might go, “whoah, magic!” But I was like… “Shit, I was late because of this!” So if I have a date after work, I’d have to endure having my hair in a bun the whole day till the date picks me up and, at least, the hair doesn’t get ruined much while inside the car. But still… I was late!

Note: There would be times when I'd use hairspray for Plan A  just because I want to keep the waves; but on a daily basis it's a definite no-no, okay?

Plan B
Products I use for the Sexy Beach Wave Hair Style

Tie it in a bun, beeyotch!

The Sexy Beach Wave Hair ACHIEVED!
I wake up, take a shower and before I dry up my hair, I spray it over with the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake ‘n Spray which speeds up the drying, locks in moisture and just does magic to my hair. Savior, much? After drying, I spray my hair with the Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh in Sage tree and Peppermint then tie it in a bun and spray more (just because I like keeping it secured). After that process, I go about doing my makeup, having my breakfast and after all that, I remove the bun, shake my hair a bit and just let its beach wave shine for the morning sky. I left home with a smile on my face.

So, of course, I am sticking with Plan B. Although Plan A is okay too, if you want to cut off some time, especially when you’re the busy kind of person, like I am. Plan A is the one where you get bigger curls/waves, which I find perfect for those special occasions but Plan B waves are perfect for those dates when you'd just want to look casual yet sexy. *wink*

I will be doing a separate blog post for the review of the hair care products I mentioned and have used in this post so stay connected, okay? Hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial. If you have tried this look, don't hesitate to send me an email with pictures or just type in your link at the comments section below, k? 

See 'ya around!


  1. Pretty!! Love your hair!!! nawww... I really wanna trim my hair na rin :D

  2. ang ganda! i'm very lazy with my hair. most of the time i just let it dry on its own hahaha.

  3. This hairstyle is really bagay sayo. I-perm na yan! haha! No seriously, you look so damn good in this hair! I look like a witch with curly hair. At ang galing nung products kase I used to do that too e.g tie hair in a bun, untie it after some time, leave the house, ride the jeep, and voila! straight hair again. Thanks for this mini product review/tutorial. :)

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    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. And now I'm seriously considering perm! Hahaha! xD

  4. I'm sooo curious about the Amazing Blowdry Secret, wasn't able to make it to the launch. :/

    1. aww... sayang! it was a super amazing product. i'm planning on purchasing the quick dry shake n spray :D

  5. Oh messy sexy I looove! I suddenly miss my long curly hair!

    Those products are new! Thanks for sharing! Will grow my hair again and will need that! ;)


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