Monday, January 20, 2014

OOTD: Now This is My Time

Whenever we would be thrown a question regarding regrets we’ve had in the past, the most common answer is always, “I don’t have any regrets...” But honestly, deep down inside, we know there are things, which we should not have done and we just know that things might be better if they never happened; but who are we to know? We don’t have the power to go back in time, erase those moments and just continue living and being better. There would be times when I wish I didn’t do the mistakes I have done in the past; but after a few moments, I would just smile and say to myself, “silly you, if they never happened, would you ever be this strong?

Dress: Erzullie

Now I’ve looked in the mirror and the world’s getting clearer. I’ll take what you give me. Please know that I’m learning.

The only thing I can do now is accept what I have done in the past, learn from it, use it to become a better version of myself today and just live life as it is presented to me now. Time waits for nobody and if we keep on looking at our mistakes in the past, dwell on it and let it consume us, we won’t be able to move on and we will never get to realize how beautiful life is. Life is meant to be lived by the moment not through the past and not by worrying too much of what might happen in the future. Accept and appreciate – that’s what I always say.

Flower Wreath: Department Store bought | Necklace: Hyphen Curiosities
Wait, don’t go so fast. I’m missing the moments as they pass.

I take risks and just let it all go. I live something for myself but I still move forward. I still have a clear grasp of what reality is and how things do not always go as we want and project things to be. Some people are afraid to take risks though; but what they fail to realize is that as they hold themselves back, they actually block all the happiness life was suppose to give them and they are missing out a lot. It’s like travelling and sleeping all throughout. You will never know the sights and sceneries you have missed because you thought the destination will be the only thing worth seeing; but it’s actually the journey itself that makes everything better.

Ring: Bazaar bought | Bracelet: Gifted by Ros

Heels: Vida from Zalora
Live life with no regrets and don’t dwell too much on the past. Learn to move on and always be strong!

With one of my buddies from work, Albert
With officemates, (L-R) Ros, Grace, Ronel and Sha

Time, where did you go? Why did you leave me here alone?


  1. You know what they say - it's better to regret the things you've done than regret the things you haven't done. Ever onward, sis! Love that pretty smile on your face! :)

  2. So pretty sis! You look like a greek goddess here! <3 sexyyy! :D

  3. love your dress, especially your shoes! :D you look great and the floral headband adds a bit of cuteness to your fab look hehe

  4. The shoes are fab! Caught my eye instantly!

  5. I'm a type of person who doesn't well in the past so much. I just like cry for it for 2-3 days then I'm ready to move on. Sometimes it makes me feel sad still whenever I remember the bad things but not that of a big deal anymore. Anyway, I love your dress here and that floral headband! And your shoes, the pair is like for a queen <3 love it!

    1. Thanks, Genzel!

      I guess we both have the same way on how we move on :)

  6. You look pretty :) I love your dress!

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. SMOKIN' HOT! omgosh could you be anymore gorgeous! i'm loving your gold stilletos too they look fabulous on you babe!! :)

  8. HAWT! I like the shoes and the pleats of the dress did all the drama! :)

  9. you look so great with the dress and the colour as well! thanks for dropping by my blog!
    x0 ~fashiontravel~ ~

  10. I love your outfit, and yes, that lovely smile, a clear indication of a life free of regrets and a life well-lived, I should say!


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